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A Humanitarian Crisis Deserves a Humanitarian Solution

Child Migrant at Border
When gang members killed her mother in front of her in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Alicia was forced to flee for her life. When she couldn't find safety for herself and her two children in Honduras she came with them to the U.S. seeking protection. Yet, Alicia said, "I told them, I cried, that I couldn't go back to my country… but they deported us."1

Sign our petition to demand that the U.S. show compassion for women and children fleeing violence!

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What are You Celebrating Today?

Take action by sharing this image on Facebook and Twitter to celebrate the alternate Columbus Day: Indigenous Peoples Day!

Most people in the U.S. know today as Columbus Day, or perhaps just an extra day off. However, in honoring the explorer who discovered the Americas for the Spanish Empire, we often overlook the impact that Columbus´s discovery of the "New World" had on the indigenous people already living here.

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Show Them You Stand by Colombia's Victims of Violence!

There is a long road ahead, but peace in Colombia finally seems in reach. The peace process between the FARC guerrillas and the Colombian government is advancing, even when acts of violence have threatened to bring it to a screeching halt.  Negotiations reached a watershed moment when the negotiators hosted a delegation of victims two weeks ago. Having been excluded from direct participation at the negotiating table up to this point, this historic delegation, featuring victims of all armed actors, brought a united message that the time for peace is now.

As members of the international community, we can help ensure this peace process continues by joining Colombia’s victims of violence in their quest for truth, justice, meaningful reparations, and guarantees that the brutal crimes of the past will not be repeated.  Let’s show the negotiators that we are watching and stand with the victims!
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Syria, Sudan, and Colombia? The Human Cost of War

What do Colombia, Syria, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo have in common? Believe it or not, Colombia only ranks behind Syria in the number of internally displaced people, with over 5.7 million fleeing their homes due to conflict. That striking number is just one example of just how costly the last five decades of internal conflict has been to Colombia’s civilian population.

What are the human costs of a war that has seen so many victims from all armed actors, including guerillas, paramilitaries, and members of the Colombian army? Check out our new infographic, The Human Costs of the Colombian Conflict.
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Will President Obama Firm Up His Commitment to Engage with Cuba?

U.S. policy towards Cuba has its place in the hot seat again. If you recall last April, USAID, (United States Agency for International Development) was confronted about an allegedly covert program to develop a Cuban version of Twitter, named “ZunZuneo,” in hopes of inciting protests and demonstrations in Cuba. While we thought this program was bad enough, it gets worse. On Monday, Associated Press reported that a USAID program in Cuba secretly used an HIV-prevention workshop for political activism on the island. “Beginning in late 2009, the U.S. Agency for International Development deployed nearly a dozen young people from Latin America to Cuba to recruit political activists, an Associated Press investigation found. The operation put the foreigners in danger not long after a U.S. contractor [Alan Gross] was hauled away to a Cuban jail.”
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President Obama: Now is not the Time for Shortcuts

Kids Detention FacilityIt is no secret, at least it shouldn’t be, that violence has been spiraling out of control in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The deteriorating rule of law, along with highly corrupt and heavily U.S. funded police and military forces in Guatemala and Honduras, has crippled Central America into one of the most violent regions in the world. Desperate and displaced by violence and poverty, many have taken the decision to flee; resulting in what President Obama has called an “urgent humanitarian situation,” an influx of unaccompanied minor immigrants detained at the U.S. southern border, projected to reach 90,000 this year.

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Cuban-American Miami is Not What is Used to Be

Florida International University released a new pollFIU 2014 poll on Tuesday that surveyed how Cuban Americans in Miami view U.S. policies towards Cuba. Over the past few years we have seen poll after poll show the changing opinion of the majority of Cuban Americans—who now favor engagement with the Cuban government and a change in U.S. policy. FIU's latest poll blows all the other polls out of the water. The most impressive finding from the poll is the clear shift of younger Cuban Americans, ages 18-29, who present an even larger majority in favor of engagement and U.S. policy change towards Cuba.
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