A Call for Action on Cuba – Save the Date

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We've been keeping up the pressure on Congress for months to end the travel ban on Cuba.  The "Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act" legislation introduced in the House and Senate this spring now has more co-sponsors than any Cuba bill in memory.

Mark your calendars!  The end is in sight, but we need one more BIG PUSH to make the co-sponsor list jump.

LAWG and WOLA, along with partners in DC and throughout the country, are planning a NATIONAL ACTION.  On September 30th we are asking everyone to bombard Congress with phone calls supporting the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act.  There will be more than a dozen targeted constituent delegations on the Hill that same day, so we'll make a double impact with your phone calls.  We'll be building momentum into the fall and need YOUR HELP to strike this senseless and destructive policy.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be putting out more information about the best way to organize your networks and community for the maximum impact on the Capitol.  In the meantime, please tell your networks, colleagues, family and friends.  And SAVE THE DATE!  September 30, 2009.  We will be heard.

Amigos/Amigas, 50 years is enough.  It's time for a common sense Cuba policy.  Help us grow, paste this message as your status:

FACEBOOK: I want to go to Cuba, but I can't.  Become a fan, End the Travel Ban!  (http://bit.ly/ALZ4s)

TWITTER : I want to go to Cuba, but I can't. Join the Cause @EndtheTravelBan