Action: Stop U.S. weapons from reaching human rights abusers in Mexico!

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Date: Feb 25, 2019

Author: Lily Folkerts

The United States exports a growing number of military weapons to Mexico. There are virtually no controls on where they go. When weapons end up in the hands of abusive security forces or organized crime, they fuel a crisis of human rights and impunity in Mexico. And when this happens, the United States is complicit in contributing to human rights violations in Mexico.

Call your representative today and ask them to sign a dear colleague letter that helps prevent U.S. guns from reaching human rights abusers and organized crime!

Existing regulations on weapons exports are already weak enough. And earlier this month the Trump Administration told Congress to finalize a rule that will make it even easier to export assault rifles and weapons of war to Mexico and other countries. Members in both the House and Senate are trying to stop these proposed changes on weapons exports.

That’s why Representatives Grijalva and Lowenthal are circulating a dear colleague letter calling for tighter regulations on gun exports to make sure they don’t end up in the hands of human rights abusers. Call and have your representative sign it!

U.S. guns have long been used to commit atrocities in Mexico in the war against drugs. From the emblematic case of the 43 disappeared students from Ayotzinapa in 2014, who were attacked by Mexican police using legally-exported U.S. guns. To the disappearance of dozens in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas last year by Mexican Naval Special Forces also using legally-exported U.S. guns.

Call your representative and tell them to support limits on U.S. gun exports to Mexico. They must sign the letter before March 1!

“My name is ______, and I am a constituent of Representative _____.  I urge them to sign the dear colleague letter circulated by Congressmen Grijalva and Lowenthal to prevent guns exported from the United States from getting into the hands of human rights abusers or organized crime, especially in Mexico. These legally-exported weapons have already been used in massacres, disappearances, and by police and military forces that collude with criminal organizations or have committed serious human rights violations. The letter is open until March 1. Please contact their offices to have your boss sign on. Thank you!”

Click here to look up your members of Congress.