Alto a la Guerra: No More Bloodshed in Ciudad Juarez

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Violence has hit the residents of Ciudad Juárez hard. In the past year, the city has lost over 3000 to murder and violence, including many young people. One year after the brutal and shocking massacre of 18 youths–students, sons, daughters–at a party in the Villas de Salvarcar neighborhood in Ciudad Juárez, the city’s human rights organizations, students, faith groups and residents are joining together for a day of nonviolent action, including fasting and public reflection, to call for “Alto a la Guerra… No Más Sangre” (Stop the War… No More Bloodshed”). Juarenses will be joined in person and in spirit from those all over Mexico and around the world in this day of commemoration, fasting and reflection.

LAWG and WOLA sent this message of solidarity to the brave men, women and youth participating in this peace-building event. Check out the English language version of the statement below–or click here for Spanish. 

As groups that work to support human rights in Mexico, we join in solidarity with the people of Ciudad Juárez in the ”Ayuno y Reflexión Ciudadana en Ciudad Juárez” (fasting and public reflection in Ciudad Juárez)–a weekend of nonviolent action organized by civil society in Juárez to speak out against the relentless violence that has brought horror and sadness to the homes of too many in Ciudad Juárez. We are deeply troubled by the violence committed by organized crime, human rights abuses committed by corrupt officials, and the ongoing impunity for these crimes that brings even more suffering to the victims. In this environment of constant public insecurity, we commend and stand by the brave people of Juárez in their efforts to build a community characterized by peace and justice through nonviolence.

As the people of Juárez join to denounce violence in their city, the United States must act to reduce its high demand for drugs, give greater attention to the illegal traffic of firearms and laundered Money from the U.S. into Mexico. 

We trust that this time of fasting and reflection offers hope and renewed strength to a city overwhelmed by suffering and silenced by fear. We hope that this also unites the international community in a shared commitment to end the violence in Ciudad Juárez, to de-militarize our communities, and work together to build a more peaceful and just world. Our organizations express our heartfelt solidarity in your efforts to rebuild peace.

Send your own message of solidarity to the people of Cuidad Juárez by clicking here