Call out the #SOTU2019. Call to #DefundHate!

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Author: Lily Folkerts

Tonight, President Trump will deliver his State of the Union address. And as he drones on about his wall and his anti-immigrant agenda, we’ll speak up louder for the rights of migrants, refugees, and immigrants. And call for a national agenda that is about what all of us really need—jobs, health care, education, and respect for our rights.

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Because we know that a physical barrier will be nothing more than a waste of taxpayer money that harms migrants, border communities, and the environment. Because we know that attacking and limiting access to asylum is illegal and unjust. Because we know that Dreamers and TPSianos are not bargaining chips but rather members of our communities who deserve permanent protection.

We won’t compromise on our values, and we need to make sure that our Congress won’t either.
Give your two senators and one representative a call. Make sure they stand strong with you against an anti-immigrant agenda!

Trump already shut down our government—for the longest time ever in history—in a temper tantrum over his wall. He’s ready to do it again on February 15, despite the harm it causes our country and dedicated federal workers, and has even threatened to call a national emergency in an attempt to circumvent Congress if he doesn’t get his way. Yet the only crisis our nation faces is the one that his administration has created itself, at the border and across our country.

Right now, Congress and the administration sit in negotiations over funding. As pressure mounts, we’ll need them to stay strong.

Enter your zipcode to find your legislators’ contact information.

Call your members of Congress and tell them to…

NOT increase funds for abusive and wasteful Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP)

Reject money for a border wall and increased border militarization

Prohibit raiding accounts and transferring funds for increased detention, the wall, or any other anti-immigrant program

Ensure, not restrict, protections for children, families, and individuals who come to our border fleeing violence and impunity in their homes

Pass permanent protection for long standing members of our communities like Dreamers and TPSianos

The #SOTU is a time for reflecting on where our country has been the past year and where we want it to go. Let’s make sure Congress stands strong and takes us in the right direction to #DefundHate.

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