Celebrate! LAWG’s Quarter Century of Working for Justice

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It’s hard to believe—the Latin America Working Group has completed a quarter-century of campaigning for a just U.S. policy towards Latin America.  Right now we’re celebrating this history:  our collective work to shift U.S. support from war to peace in Central America; to increase U.S. aid for victims of hurricanes, earthquakes and war; to build U.S. counternarcotics policies that are more humane and effective; to promote border policies that respect the rights of border communities and migrants; and to end, once and for all, the Cuba travel ban. 

If you’ve called your member of Congress on these issues, if you’ve contributed to our cause, if you’ve sent our messages on to your friends, if you’re a member or supporter of any of the groups in our coalition—then this is your history, too.

We’re marking this history by launching a lively oral history of our campaigns:

Becoming Better Neighbors
Tales from
bbn_cover Organizing for a Just U.S. Policy towards Latin America

To see our oral history click here.

To order the publication click here.



 Please make a contribution to celebrate our 25 years of working together to become better neighbors! To make a secure, online contribution today, click here.