Colombia Calls on Us; Become an Acompañante

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Time sure flies by. You and the LAWG Colombia team have had no time to rest, but when your goals to change U.S.-Colombia policy are as lofty as ours, we don’t have time to pause.

Become a Colombia Acompañante today!


 We have gained so much momentum in the early part of this year and it’s only just the beginning. With your help, we have been able convince 62 members of Congress to sign on to a congressional letter supporting the peace process, which was widely covered in the Colombian press.  We were able to demand that the Colombian government comply with the Labor Action Plan, to pressure the U.S. Embassy in Colombia to protect Colombian human rights defenders at risk, and to organize the most ambitious Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia yet. 

Will you make a one-time contribution now? Or, can you support us through the year and become a Colombia Acompañante, a partner who gives tax-deductible recurring contributions that sustain our work through every season?

• Twenty $20 contributions will allow us to host a Colombian labor activist in DC and organize meetings so that their voice will  be heard on Capitol Hill, demanding the U.S. follow up on the Labor Action Plan;

•    Thirty $50 contributions will allow us to go on a fact-finding mission to Colombia’s Caribbean coast, help expose the dangers still faced by land rights activists, and continue our work to ensure that communities can safely return to the lands they fled due to violence;

•    Forty $60 contributions will allow us to expand the reach of our Days of Prayer and Action petition on, helping you make your voice heard in demanding that U.S. policy towards Colombia turn away from military solutions and make room for peace;

•    Fifty $70 contributions will allow us to continue working with you, creating new advocacy materials, build up our facebook and twitter presence, and advocate for a U.S. policy that supports peace, with truth and justice, in Colombia!

 •    And hey, if you’re the kind that likes to live outside of the box, name your own gift

In Spanish, acompañante means “accompanier” or “team member.” And that is exactly how we see you: as a member of our Colombia team who will be by our side for the long haul. We could not do this work without your support. And this year will be no different. By giving today you’ll accompany us in our upcoming projects and continue building momentum to construct a peaceful and just U.S. policy towards Colombia. 

P.S. If you give a contribution of $100 or more,  you will receive a LAWG canvas tote bag!