Colombia All Year Round

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For a lot of people, the day after Labor Day is the time to get down to business. For us, it’s just September 7th. Why? Because when you’re going for change as big as we are on U.S.-Colombia policy, you never stop working hard.

Will you support us in our marathon for human rights by becoming a Colombia Acompañante, one of a special group of advocates who give small, tax-deductible recurring contributions that sustain our work through every season?

Just click here to sign up or to give a one-time gift!

With your help this past year, we organized the most successful Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia ever, involving over 43,000 people, and grabbed the Obama Administration’s ear, convincing them to stand up for human rights by making crucial changes in the budget and by supporting groups like the Afro-Colombian community La Toma when they were threatened with displacement from their ancestral lands.

We could not do this work without your support. And this year will be no different. By giving today you’ll accompany us in our upcoming projects to:

  • Expose the lack of justice in cases of army and paramilitary violence by working with our partners to bring victims’ families to Washington to tell their stories first hand;
  • Help Colombian human rights groups place the hidden issue of Colombia’s massive number of disappearances squarely on the national and international agenda;
  • And work with you to build an even larger base of Colombia activists by creating new materials you can use for advocacy, ramping up our efforts on Facebook and Twitter, and getting our perspectives into new places like we’ve already done with the Huffington Post.

In Spanish, acompañante means “accompanier” or “team member.” And that is exactly how we see you: as a member of our Colombia team who will be by our side for the long haul. Will you click here to become an official Colombia Acompañante or give a one-time donation today?

As a Colombia Acompañante, you will not only receive free copies of all our publications and a hand-made woven kite pin created by displaced Colombian women, but you will also be helping us to keep our costs low and be more environmentally friendly by not having to send you letters every year to renew your support. By just giving $10 or $15 a month or $40 a season, you will provide us with the resources to do so much more. And if you prefer to give a tax-deductible one-time gift, we are so grateful for that too!

There are so many opportunities for change ahead of us and we’re ready to take them on. Will you help us get there today?