The Facebook Page You Have to See

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We’ve got just one simple, but crucial action for you to take today:

Join our new Facebook campaign “Stand for Land Rights in Colombia” and help us grow the movement for change in U.S.-Colombia policy.

In cities across the United States, there are caring people like you at home looking at their computers right now. Like you, these people support human rights as a concept. But unlike you, a lot of them haven’t heard about what’s been going on in Colombia or don’t know that their action can make a difference in real people’s lives.

So, we’ve decided that it’s time to get those people talking with activists like you and hearing the stories directly from Colombian victims and human rights defenders that will touch their hearts. And where better to do it, we thought, than Facebook?

If you haven’t yet, go to the “Stand for Land Rights in Colombia” page and click the “Like” button right next to the name of the page. Right underneath the picture, you can click on “Suggest to Friends” to invite everyone you know to join too!

Then, check back often to:

  • Stay informed by watching videos from activists in Colombia and reading our frequent news updates;
  • Interact with other concerned activists by posting your own thoughts and questions;
  • And take action through our regular alerts about what you can do to support communities in Colombia who are being threatened with evictions and those who are struggling to get their lands back.

We have a goal of breaking 1000 fans by the end of October, will you help us get there by “liking” it today?

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