Colombia: Tomorrow’s Peace Starts Today

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Author: Angelika Albaladejo

By: Angelika Albaladejo, Spring 2015

Once again, it’s time for us to come together in support of peace with truth and justice during the Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia!

DOPA 2015 Action Alert Photo

Each year, communities across the United States join in solidarity with our Colombian brothers and sisters to show policymakers that we want U.S.-Colombia policies focused on peace, not military solutions for Colombia’s 50-year-old conflict. And now, there’s more reason than ever to call for peace—it is within our grasp.

Over the past year, there have been many advances in the peace process, although the way forward is still not easy. There was an outpouring of support for peace throughout Colombia, with tens of thousands of Colombians joining together for a massive March for Peace in Bogota on April 9. At the Summit of the Americas this month, the nations of the hemisphere showed support for Colombia’s ongoing peace negotiations. In another positive historic move, the FARC and the Colombian government have begun working together to clear landmines from vulnerable communities, proving that cooperation will be possible once a peace accord has been signed. Even Colombia’s second-biggest guerrilla group, the ELN, has begun working with the Colombian government to create an agenda for their own peace table.

A just and lasting peace in Colombia is in our sights. So, this year, your mission is to push the United States to support Colombia’s advancing peace process and convince lawmakers that tomorrow’s peace starts today.

Check out the Days of Prayer and Action Toolkit for tips on organizing your community to take action. Share your pictures on the DoPA Facebook page so our Colombian partners can see your work in solidarity with them! Or tweet your pictures to @WitnessforPeace and @HRColombia with the hashtag #DOPA2015.