Colombian Victims’ Tour

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LAWG-EF invited four members of Colombian victims' organizations to the U.S. in October to speak directly with policymakers in Washington and New York. They also received training from international experts on truth, memory, reparations and international justice from the International Center for Transitional Justice. The four represented victims of violence by all sides in the conflict – paramilitaries, guerrillas and the army.

Iván Cepeda of the National Victims' Movement and founder of the Manuel Cepeda Foundation stands in front of a display on the assassination of his father, Senator Manuel Cepeda. Senator Cepeda was one of some 3,000 members of the Patriotic Union Party in Colombia who were assassinated for their political affiliations.

See Iván's testimony in front of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus.

Milliret Moncada Peña poses with the poster of her father, who was disappeared in 1983. Milliret is now the director of ASFADDES, the Association for Relatives of the Disappeared, and a member of the National Victims' Movement.
Javier Correa is President of Sinaltrainal, the National Foodworkers’ Union. A leader of corporate campaigns, he has received threats and attacks against his life. He stands in this photo with detailed sketches of trade unionists who have been murdered in recent years. Colombia remains the most dangerous place in the world to be a trade unionist.
In the pictures above and below, Marleny Orjuela stands with banners representing ASFAMIPAZ, an association of relatives of soldiers and police who have been captured by the FARC guerrillas. Marleny is the executive director of ASFAMIPAZ.
Iván Cepeda presents on the situation of victims in Colombia at George Washington University.
Marleny, Javier, Milliret and Ivan pose in the U.S. House of Representatives after giving their testimonies in front of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus.
Iván and Javier in the LAWG office with Lisa Haugaard and LAWG intern Amy Raisbeck.
The delegation stands with Lisa Haugaard in front of the knotted gun statue at the United Nations building in New York City. They presented testimony to U.N. missions and agencies.

Iván holds up a peace sign as he stands with Marleny and Milliret with the Statue of Liberty in the background.