Colombians Speak of Peace, Once Again

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As peace negotiations seem, we are so glad to hear, once again possible in Colombia, we would like to share this statement from Colombians for Peace (Colombianos y Colombianos por la Paz):

Peace, at last

We recognize the hopes that we share with the Colombians that work every day for peace, hopes which began to crystallize with the fact that President Santos has today moved forward with the FARC toward a peace process, and the invitation to the ELN to do the same.

CCP looks highly upon all actors for the willingness to find a political end to this armed conflict.

CCP invites all parties to the realization of mechanisms that will make possible the application of human rights protections for combatants and the civil population. Furthermore, to address structural problems at the root of this prolonged armed conflict with the participation and input of the widest sectors of society.

CCP hopes, as has been made public in previous statements, that in this occasion all efforts be made with the necessary generosity to put an end to this conflict.

CCP invites society and the international community of the United States, the European Union and Unasur to support the construction of a lasting peace process.

CCP believes that to make a peace process implies addressing the roots of the armed conflict, transforming belief systems and outlawing the practices of killing and political persecution in favor of inclusion and the recognition of historic truths in authentic and dynamic democratic transition.

We wish that the next generation of Colombians can witness a peace which has been denied to the country for the past 60 years.

Bogota, D.C., August 27, 2012

Colombians for Peace.