Congress Sends Letter to Secretary Kerry Urging Attention to Human Rights, Rule of Law in Mexico

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Author: Emma Buckhout

August 11, 2016

 Scroll down to thank the members of Congress who spoke out to demand an end to the human rights crisis in Mexico!

Lowenthal Mx Letter 2016

On August 10, 2016, sixty-nine members of the U.S. House of Representatives, led by Congressman Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urging the State Department to put strengthening the rule of law and defense of human rights at the top of the U.S. bilateral agenda with Mexico. LAWG is sincerely grateful to the grassroots supporters whose action made this possible through their countless calls, and over 650 emails, in July to their members of Congress demanding they take a stand.

The letter expresses concern over the “27,000 unresolved cases of people who have disappeared in Mexico since 2007, and the slow pace of reforms in the military, law enforcement and justice sectors,” as well as the persistent use of torture in criminal investigations. It also calls for continued U.S. support of the ongoing investigation and search for justice for the families of the 43 disappeared students from the Ayotzinapa rural teacher’s college, and accountability and justice in the cases of grave abuses committed by Mexican security forces in Oaxaca and Tlatlaya.

The letter comes at a crucial moment as the U.S. State Department is currently reviewing the Mexican government’s progress in meeting human rights conditions required in the Merida Initiative, a U.S. security aid package. A few weeks ago, the Latin America Working Group (LAWG) joined a group of seven other human rights organizations in submitting a memorandum demonstrating that the Mexican government had not met these human rights conditions.

Your activism to get Congress to speak out is a crucial part of creating change in the human rights situation in Mexico.

Help us thank those members of Congress who signed! The full list of signers is below, with their Twitter handle. Use the following sample tweets, or create your own!

Sample tweets:

You can also call offices via the U.S. Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121.

Representative Twitter Handle
Beyer, Donald S. @RepDonBeyer
Blumenauer, Earl @repblumenauer
Bonamici, Suzanne @RepBonamici
Brown, Corrine @RepCorrineBrown
Bustos, Cheri @RepCheri
Capuano, Michael E. @RepMikeCapuano
Cardenas, Tony @RepCardenas
Cicilline, David N. @RepCicilline
Cleaver, Emanuel @repcleaver
Cohen, Steve @RepCohen
Conyers, John @RepJohnConyers
Davis, Susan @RepSusanDavis
Davis, Danny K. @RepDannyDavis
DeFazio, Peter @RepPeterDeFazio
DeLauro, Rosa @Rosa_DeLauro
DeSaulnier, Mark @RepDeSaulnier
Doggett, Lloyd @RepLloydDoggett
Edwards, Donna F. @repdonnaedwards
Ellison, Keith @keithellison
Farr, Sam @RepSamFarr
Gallego, Ruben @RepRubenGallego
Grijalva, Raul @standwithraul
Gutierrez, Luis V. @RepGutierrez
Hahn, Janice @Rep_JaniceHahn
Hastings, Alcee L. @RepHastingsFL
Honda, Michael M. @RepMikeHonda
Jackson Lee, Sheila @RepJacksonLee
Johnson, Hank @RepHankJohnson
Keating, William R. @USRepKeating
Kelly, Robin @RepRobinKelly
Kennedy, Joseph P. @RepJoeKennedy
Kildee, Daniel @RepDanKildee
Larsen, Rick @RepRickLarsen
Lawrence, Brenda L. @RepLawrence
Lee, Barbara @RepBarbaraLee
Lewis, John @jlewiscongress
Lieu, Ted W. @RepTedLieu
Lowenthal, Alan @RepLowenthal
Lujan Grisham @RepLujanGrisham
Luján, Ben Ray @repbenraylujan
Lynch, Stephen F. @RepStephenLynch
McCollum, Betty @BettyMcCollum04
McDermott, Jim @RepJimMcDermott
McGovern, Jim @RepMcGovern
Napolitano, Grace F. @gracenapolitano
Norton, Eleanor Holmes @EleanorNorton
O’Rourke, Beto @RepBetoORourke
Peters, Scott @RepScottPeters
Pingree, Chellie @chelliepingree
Pocan, Mark @repmarkpocan
Polis, Jared @RepJaredPolis
Rangel, Charles @cbrangel
Roybal-Allard, Lucille @RepRoybalAllard
Rush, Bobby @RepBobbyRush
Sanchez, Linda T. @RepLindaSanchez
Sanchez, Loretta @LorettaSanchez
Schakowsky, Jan @RepSchakowsky
Schiff, Adam B. @RepAdamSchiff
Serrano, José E. @RepJoseSerrano
Smith, Adam @RepAdamSmith
Takano, Mark @RepMarkTakano
Tonko, Paul D. @RepPaulTonko
Torres, Norma J. @NormaJTorres
Van Hollen, Chris @ChrisVanHollen
Vargas, Juan @RepJuanVargas
Veasey, Marc @RepVeasey
Waters, Maxine @MaxineWaters
Welch, Peter @PeterWelch
Yarmuth, John @RepJohnYarmuth

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