Corporations, Free-Traders, Obama, Oh My!

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We’re up against some big forces in our struggle against the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA): major corporations, the Chamber of Commerce, stubborn Republicans, free trade-loving Democrats, and even the President. They have money, power, and connections. But we have conviction.

We have hardworking partners in the United States. We have incredibly brave community leaders and human rights defenders on the ground in Colombia telling us every day about why this trade deal will be so devastating for those already hit hardest by Colombia’s conflict. And we have something better than a slingshot to fight this Goliath—YOU.

Will you chip in $50 or more today to make sure we can do everything in our power to stop this harmful trade agreement?

The Obama Administration has made it clear that they want Congress to approve the FTA by this fall. Since it’s already September, that means we have one month—maybe two—to make sure that our legislators:

  • Receive hundreds of phone calls from constituents telling them to support fair trade instead of repeating the mistakes of NAFTA and CAFTA with this Bush-era trade agreement;  
  • Read letters from the many organizations opposing this deal and watch videos like The Impact of the FTA with Colombia on Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Communities;   
  • Meet face-to-face with Colombian small-scale farmers, unionists, land rights leaders and others who will be harmed by this FTA;   
  • And give impassioned speeches on the floor of Congress—like Rep. Jan Schakowsky did this summer!

To make this happen, we need to raise $2500 for our Colombia Advocacy Fund in the next two weeks. And we know we can do it. If 50 people like you each give just $50 today, we’ll reach our goal, no problem.

Please click here to help us reach our goal and keep human rights on the agenda in Washington this fall!

Thank you for your patience, dedication, and support.