Cuba Travel: Best Chance Since 2003

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We are the closest we have been for years to ending the ridiculous travel ban on Cuba. This Wednesday, September 29, at noon, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs (HCFA) will consider H.R. 4645, the “Travel Restriction Reform and Export Enhancement Act.” This means that they will be considering whether to lift the travel ban on Cuba, or not.

This past June
, H.R. 4645 made it over its first major hurdle, by winning a majority vote of 25 to 20 in the House Agriculture Committee. While some hard-liners attempted to kill the bill outright, those who supported restoring the freedom to travel reigned. We are keeping our fingers crossed (yes, again) in hopes that this coming Wednesday will mimic the success of the previous mark-up in the Ag Committee.  It is certain that the level of anxiety and drama will parallel those of June’s mark-up. However, until Wednesday we need to keep the pressure on the members of Congress that will be participating in the HFCA mark-up, educating them about the benefits (to Americans and to Cubans) of opening travel and easing restrictions on the sale of food products to Cuba.

If your member of Congress serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee, your voice is supremely important. If you don’t know whether your member is part of this committee, click here to see a list of the committee members. Then you can click here to get more information on how you can take action to support H.R. 4645 this Wednesday.

For our supporters outside of Washington, DC, you can watch a live webcast of the mark-up via the HCFA website on Wednesday.

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