Cuba Travel in Jeopardy

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We fought for “travel for all” and we got “travel for some.” Now we face the possibility of “travel for none. “

The House Appropriations Committee is meeting first thing tomorrow morning, and Cuba may very well come up. Opponents of exchange with Cuba will likely offer amendments to the financial services appropriations bill that will reverse the changes the President has made during his term in office – which has allowed travel by Cuban-American families, students and professors, religious groups, academics, musicians. We can’t let this happen.

If your representative is a member of the Appropriations Committee, ask your representative to vote against ANY amendment that tightens travel restrictions. To find out if your representative is on the committee, go to:

Call your representative’s DC office. Find the number here

Send her/him an email, too. Go to:

Call your member of Congress now so that YOU can help retain the progress that we’ve made, while we at the same time continue to fight for everyone’s right to travel to Cuba.