CubaGo! – Get Organized; Register your activities

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CubaGO! is three weeks away . . . and that means it's time to kick our organizing efforts into high gear. We've created some tools that we hope will help you create activities for September 30th, the national call-in day to End the Travel Ban on Cuba. Below is a link to our new tool that helps create an event, publicize it and share it with others. Are you going to be part of this action?

Are you willing to organize your community (co-workers, family, friends) to make calls to Congress on September 30th? If so, plan, register and advertise your CubaGO! event here. Remember that Congress' phones are open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EDT, so plan your events to coincide with these hours. Think: coffee break cellphone gatherings; luncheon gatherings at your local friendly restaurant or deli; for Mountain and Pacific time zones, breakfast call-in meet-ups – you get the idea.

cubago_medium If you haven't planned something yet, now is the time. We've pulled together the details about the CubaGO! national call-in day here. Check it out if you are turning your attention to CubaGO! for the first time…or if the details have slipped away.

Around the country people have already started working to make this national call-in day a real success. Pot-luck dinners with a "come early with your cell phone" segment, tables at grocery stores and local libraries to call members of Congress, rallies on college campuses, and countless other events are already scheduled for CubaGO! on September 30th. Our goal is to flood DC with phone calls and these events are great for generating those calls.

Be sure that any event that you create is scheduled between 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. eastern time, when congressional offices are open, so that we can deliver our message to an actual person. And remember, the purpose of your activities is to make phone calls to your members of Congress… in addition to having fun.

Let us know what you have planned! And share your event with others in your area!

More is still to come about CubaGO! in the days and couple weeks ahead. September 30th is around the corner; help spread the word.

To end the travel ban we need to raise the volume. Most importantly, if you have a network or a list serv focused on Cuba issues, please send this alert IN YOUR NAME to your groups and/or post it on your website, substituting your name and organization for ours. This day belongs to all of us! Then, can you forward this message to five of your friends? And, invite your Facebook friends to join the End the Travel Ban page. Please help us get to 10,000 fans before CubaGO!

Prefer Twitter?  Share our twitter feed by featuring @endthetravelban on your personal feed.

We keep saying that the momentum is growing and we mean it, and let's seize this opportunity and finally end the travel ban on Cuba. Thanks for everything you do and please, share your ideas with us! Remember, September 30th belongs to all of us! …Be a part of the change.