Cuban-American Call to Action: Take Cuba off Terrorist List

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Cuban_American_On June 12, sixty Cuban Americans delivered a letter to Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama denouncing the views of three Cuban-American members of Congress who encouraged Secretary Kerry, in a letter dated April 29th, to keep Cuba on the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism. The dissenting Cuban Americans maintain that the members of Congress wanting to continue punishing Cuba for something it is not, do not represent the majority view of Cuban Americans.

LAWGEF assisted in delivering the letter, and we have received requests from many Cuban Americans who did not have the opportunity to sign the original letter of protest, asking to add their name to the letter. We have now opened the letter to the public for additional signatures.

If you are Cuban American and agree with removing Cuba from the terrorist list click here to, please sign on. We are asking that ONLY Cuban Americans sign this petition, as the letter specifically says it is from Cuban Americans. If you are not Cuban American and have friends that are, PLEASE take action by forwarding this action on to them.

If we double the number of signers (or triple, or quadruple), we will re-deliver the letter and show that even MORE of the Cuban-American community is supportive of policies that promote a new era of relations between the United States and Cuba.

(If you want to see the original 60 signers and supporting information, click here ).