Cuban Americans Win Travel Rights!

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The White House issued a statement today that lifted all restrictions on transactions related to the travel and remittances of family members to Cuba. Check our blog for details and comments. Here is the White House fact sheet on today's action.

We applaud today's announcement and President Obama's commitment to Cuban Americans and the sanctity of family relations. Nevertheless, we urge the President to now push forward in restoring the right of ALL Americans to travel. Watch our friend, Silvia Wilhelm of Puentes Cubanos, explain why she, a Cuban American, supports "Travel for All."

What today made clear to us is that we must double our efforts to demand a definitive end to the travel ban. Send the White House a message or, better yet, call the comment line (202.456.1111)

Here is the message:

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you for your executive action lifting the restrictions on travel and remittances for Cuban Americans.  It is an important step forward toward creating a rational and effective policy toward Cuba. But it isn't enough.  I ask that you step even further: there is more you can do by executive action to allow Americans to travel to Cuba; and you should indicate your support for congressional action to lift the entire travel ban on Cuba. These steps would send a message across the hemisphere that real change has come to Washington.

Looking to the Summit of the Americas, and on the heels of your executive order, I urge you to declare your support for the lifting of travel restrictions for ALL Americans, finally restoring the constitutional right to travel.



We continue working toward our goal of putting an end to the travel ban, and each day more and more people join us in asking for "travel for all." Continue spreading the word, and be sure to take a moment today to celebrate this step forward.

*The photo on our homepage linking to this action alert is by Alex Wong/Getty Images