Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia: Building Peace from the Ground Up | Construyendo la Paz Desde la Base

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Join us May 22 and 23, 2016 for this year’s

Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia.



DOPA 2016

For many years, Days of Prayer and Action (DOPA) has brought together thousands of grassroots supporters like you. Your solidarity has built support for peace and peace in Colombia is closer than ever!

The signing of a peace agreement between the FARC and the Colombian government is near and a second peace process with the ELN is beginning.

We recognize though that a true and lasting peace isn’t guaranteed with the signing of an accord, it must be built from the ground up.

This May, we’ll come together in solidarity with activists, churches, and citizens in the United States and Colombia to support advancements towards peace in Colombia and to advocate for U.S. policies and assistance that support peace implementation with the involvement of Colombian civil society and an attention to the needs of victims.

Day of Prayer for Peace in Colombia: May 22

On Sunday, May 22, faith communities will host local dedicated worship services in the United States and Colombia. If you wish to join them, DOPA will provide worship materials to help you reflect on the conflict and pray for peace in Colombia.

  • See this year’s Advocacy & Worship packet for suggested music, prayers, litanies, and reflections.
  • If you are part of a congregation that will participate in the day of prayer this year, please sign up with our partners at the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).

 Day of Action for Peace in Colombia: May 23

On Monday, May 23, LAWG will send you an action alert with a quick and easy email form you can use to join us in advocating for better U.S. policies and assistance towards Colombia by contacting your representative and senators. Help us flood Congress with support for peace in Colombia during DOPA 2016!

  • See this year’s Advocacy & Worship packet to read the DOPA advocacy statement and learn more about how to contact your member of Congress to advocate for peace.
  • Sign up to receive LAWG’s action alerts on Colombia to join us for this year’s day of action. Choose “Stand by Colombia’s Victims of Violence” to receive action alerts and “Colombia News Brief” to receive weekly news round ups.
  • Visit on May 23 to contact your members of the House and Senate with our quick and easy email form. It only takes a minute, but it makes a huge impact!

Join us in “Planting Seeds of Peace” 

This year’s DOPA theme, “Building Peace from the Ground Up” acknowledges the role grassroots peacebuilding has had in tilling the soil for the peace agreement, and the critical role it will play in nurturing a sustainable peace in Colombia. Churches and civil society organizations have strong roots, deeply enmeshed in communities across the country. These roots are more developed than the government’s presence in rural areas, and will be crucial to supporting and monitoring the
peace accords as they are implemented.

Cultivating peace will require respect for each territory where it is planted, recognizing the unique issues of violence, displacement, and inequality that different regions and communities have experienced. There are weeds waiting to choke out the process– other armed groups that want to see the accords fail. The first months and years post-accord will be critical for providing the nourishment and nurturing that the seeds of peace need to take root. Important tasks like monitoring the funds given to local and national government institutions, monitoring a ceasefire, and rebuilding trust at all levels of society.

As a symbolic act, fitting with the theme “from the ground up,” we encourage you to plant some seeds, representing the hope we have that peace will take root in Colombia in tangible ways:

  • Decorate your pots with symbols of peace and hope
  • Take a short video or some photographs during your planting party.
  • We also encourage you to share pictures, videos, and messages of support on the DOPA Facebook page so our Colombian partners can see your work in solidarity with them! You can also tweet your pictures and messages to @HRColombia and/or with the hashtag #DOPA2016.

For more information on DOPA, please contact Angelika Albaladejo,