Dear DNC and RNC, Cuban Americans want to engage with Cuba

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In light of both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, Cuban Americans for Engagement (CAFE), has a message for them from the Cuban-American community:

“We, as Cuban Americans and American citizens, urge both parties to not fall into the trap of viewing our community as a monolithic voting bloc that is in favor of the United States’ embargo on Cuba. We are a diverse body of voices with a majority that favors a policy of engagement and, ultimately, normalization of relations between the two nations.”

Join CAFE and the majority of Cuban Americans and U.S. Citizens who want to engage with Cuba rather than continue a failed policy.  “Numerous polls of the Cuban-American community in southern Florida and throughout the nation demonstrate that a majority of these citizens favor the policies that the Obama administration put in place in 2009 and then expanded in 2011. These moves have eased the process of reunification of Cuban families by allowing Cuban Americans to travel to Cuba more frequently and send more remittances to loved ones on the island. Overwhelmingly, Cuban Americans have voted with their feet and pocketbooks by traveling to Cuba, sending money, and acting as ambassadors for our great nation. As Cuban Americans we feel that we are not any better than any other American citizen and would hope that the U.S. government takes steps to eliminate the travel ban placed on all American citizens.”

Make the voice of the majority heard.

Sign this petition to let policymakers know that the real majority of U.S. citizens want to see a change in our policy towards Cuba. The minority of Cuban-American policymakers from South Florida have held our policy hostage for too long.