Defend Dreamers and Defund Hate!

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Author: Lily Folkerts

Today is the day Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was supposed to end. Today is the day by which Dreamers were supposed to have an answer—to have certainty on their right to live, study, and work in the only country they ever remember calling home. But today, they have none of that. Today, they still wait in limbo as our leaders play politics with their futures.

[[First_Name]], today is also the day you can do something about it. TAKE ACTION >>

Back in October when Trump ended DACA, he picked March 5th as Congress’ deadline to pass a legislative solution to protected Dreamers. But Congress hasn’t done so. Instead, they still sit at an impasse, haggling Dreamers’ futures for increased border security and deportation forces.

Congress’ new deadline is March 23rd—their last chance to protect Dreamers until September and the day they vote on an omnibus funding bill, in which Trump requested an astounding $21.5 billion for, you guessed it, a border wall, more ICE and border agents, and detention beds.

Stand strong for Dreamers and against harsh anti-immigrant funding! ACT NOW >>

Federal courts recently told our government to keep accepting and processing DACA renewals. Despite displeasure from Trump, these court decisions stand. And the Supreme Court will not directly review them, deferring to the normal, lengthy appeals process. But while renewals are currently underway, at any moment things could change and thousands could lose status. Dreamers need a permanent solution. Help them get one >>

Technicalities aside, our basic principles tell us that human beings aren’t commodities that can be traded. That Dreamers are members of our communities that need our support.

Here’s how you can DEFEND DREAMERS and DEFUND HATE:

CALL Congress and DEMAND they support a permanent solution for Dreamers and reject increased border security and deportation funding. PICK UP THE PHONE!

Enter your zip code here to call your TWO Senators and ONE Representative:

“Hi, my name is ______, and I’m calling to demand that Senator/Representative ______ support a permanent solution for Dreamers—productive and deserving members of our communities. Support should not be traded for $21.5 billion, or any amount, in funding for a senseless border wall, more corrupt ICE and border agents, and inhumane detention facilities. Thank you.”

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