Did you know about the hidden human rights crisis in Latin America?

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Today is International Day of the Disappeared, we choose to stand in solidarity with the thousands of people across Latin America and the world searching for those who were forcibly disappeared. The reality is that forced disappearances harm not only those who disappeared but their families and communities.

 And, from talking with our partners on the ground, we know that:

  1. Those who look for their loved ones who are forcibly disappeared are criminalized 
  2. Widespread impunity stands in the way of justice at all levels of government 
  3. Countries are not upholding their duties to protect the rights of their citizens

What You Can Do 

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  2. Blog on disappearances in Mexico
  3. Report on disappearances in Colombia

We can’t just sit by while people risk their lives to find their loved ones simply. They deserve answers!

This International Day of the Disappeared, join us in taking these actions!