Diego Luna Demands End to Gun Smuggling

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In too many communities across Mexico, violence has become a frightening reality of daily life, leading to the death of some 50,000 people in five years.

Recently, the Latin America Working Group teamed up with well-known Mexican actor Diego Luna to oppose one of the contributors to this violence: illegal gun smuggling across the U.S. border.

Click here to tell President Obama to Stop Gun Smuggling into Mexico.

Courageous families all over Mexico are standing up in their communities as part of a growing movement to end the violence. Mexican actor Diego Luna has joined them and is supporting a petition that urges President Obama to take three simple steps to curb gun smuggling to Mexico. Check out a VIDEO of Diego backing the campaign:

You can be part of the solution for a more peaceful Mexico. Thousands across the world have gotten behind an international campaign calling on the U.S. government to stem the flow of illegal weapons going across the border.

Click here to join Diego Luna, and thousands more, in signing the petition to end to gun smuggling to Mexico.

To read more about this important international campaign in Mexico and the United States, check out our most recent blog post.

In July we asked you to sign a petition urging President Obama to stop gun smuggling to Mexico. If you didn’t have a chance to sign the petition then, here’s another chance. The movement to stop gun smuggling to Mexico is growing, but to keep the momentum going, we need your support.