Declassified Army and CIA Manuals Used in Latin America

Title: Declassified Army and CIA Manuals Used in Latin America

In September 1996, the Pentagon released to the public seven training manuals prepared by the U.S. military and used between 1987 and 1991 for intelligence training courses in Latin America and at the U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA). A selection of excerpts was distributed to the press at that time. The Pentagon press release accompanying the excerpts states that a 1991-92 investigation into the manuals concluded that “two dozen short passages in six of the manuals, which total 1169 pages, contained material that either was not or could be interpreted not to be consistent with U.S. policy.” A January 1997 “information paper” sent out by the School of the Americas claims that SOA training material merely contained several passages with “words or phrases inconsistent with U.S. government policy.” A close reading of all seven manuals, however, reveals many more passages, and indeed an entire framework, that should be deemed inconsistent with U.S. policy and human rights standards. This report contains excerpts from these manuals, and two other CIA manuals declassified in January 1997.

Year: 1997

Author: Latin America Working Group