Serve Your People: A Roadmap for Transforming Relations between the United States & the Northern Countries of Central America

Serve Your People provides a roadmap for transforming relations between the United States and the northern countries of Central America. The United States’ approach towards the region from 2017-2020 has had one near exclusive focus—stopping migration—and in the process access to protection for migrants and refugees has been eviscerated and the United States has turned a blind eye towards corruption and human rights abuses in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The report highlights ways the United States can restore and advance protections for migrants and refugees and use principled diplomacy to stand with civil society forces for change. It provides U.S. policy recommendations for protecting human rights, providing opportunities for youth at risk, addressing gender-based violence, tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting equitable development strategies, and helping countries address the impact of climate change.

Year: 2020

Author: Latin America Working Group Education Fund, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), Oxfam America, Climate Refugees, Church World Service, and Washington Office on Latin America.