Get Your Community to “Face the Displaced”: Organize a Public Display

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Our rally last year at the White HousePlease join us in exposing our hemisphere’s hidden humanitarian crisis and calling for much-needed policy change by organizing a “Face the Displaced” public demonstration. Forty displaced Colombians have shared with us their powerful photos and harrowing stories of what it means to be displaced. They have done so in the hopes that more of us in the U.S. might glimpse the stark realities that nearly 5 million displaced Colombians face daily. Throughout April, communities across the country will be creating portraits of these displaced Colombians, but we need your help to make sure that they get out into the public eye.

Click here to check out ideas about organizing and setting up these displays from our partner Witness for Peace. Or contact Vanessa at who will be available throughout April to help you brainstorm, plan, and make it happen!

When you have set the time and place for your display, make sure to register it by clicking here. This is a tool that helps you to get the word out in your city and track your attendees, while also helping communities across the country see how many events are going on.

Finally, we are asking that as many of these portraits as possible be sent to Washington, D.C. after being displayed locally. In May, we will have one final massive display of the portraits near the Capitol Building and the White House. We’ll be collecting all the materials at the Witness for Peace headquarters, so once your rally is over, please send the portraits by May 1st to:

Vera Leone
Witness for Peace
3628 12th Street NE, 1st Fl.
Washington, DC 20017

And again, if you have any questions or concerns, let us know!