DREAM Act Vote SATURDAY Morning in Senate

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Monday, December 20 – SPECIAL UPDATE: On Saturday morning, the Senate failed to gather the 60 votes needed to break a Republican-led filibuster and move the DREAM Act forward for a final vote. Despite this disappointing outcome, we are encouraged that a majority of Senators supported the DREAM Act on Saturday by a vote of 55-41, including several unexpected “yes” votes from Democrats who voted against the bill just two years ago. Even more inspiring was the dedication and courage of the DREAMers—mostly young undocumented students—who led a nonviolent moment across the country, and took great risks to support this legislation. The LAWG remains committed to standing alongside these young people in their struggle for sensible and humane immigration reform that will allow them to pursue their dreams.  Thanks to everyone who joined us in our commitment and made a call, sent a fax, or wrote an e-mail in support of the DREAM Act this year.

This is it.  Your Senators will be voting tomorrow morning on the DREAM Act. We need your help to make sure we get the 60 Senate votes to make the DREAM Act a reality.

Please call your Senators now and urge them to support the DREAM Act (S.3992)!

Find your Senator’s contact information here, or click here to be directly connected.

The DREAM Act passed in the House of Representatives last week, so tomorrow (yes, Saturday) morning’s Senate vote is the next step in moving the DREAM Act to President Obama’s desk to be signed into law.

Every call counts, especially when the votes are close. Please take a minute to make your call NOW!

Senators in each and every state need to hear from us!  However, if you live in Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, Utah or West Virginia, please urge five friends to call as well!