Speak up for the Global 99% at EAD

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I know you have a lot going on. Whether it’s that big project at work or a 20-page paper for school, making dinner or getting the car fixed (or in my case, the bike!), free time is hard to come by.

But sometimes, we just need to take a break from everyday life, and do something that inspires us, rejuvenates us, and teaches us something we didn’t know before. For activists—especially those of us who are in it for the long haul—we need to renew our energy so we can continue our important work for justice and human rights.

That’s why we’re so excited to invite you to join us in Washington, DC on March 23-26th for Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2012, where you will hear women and men from across Latin America and the United States talk about the most pressing issue of our time: Economic Justice and Our National Priorities.

In the presence of over 700 other faith-based advocates and rousing speakers from around the world, it’ll be hard not to be inspired, renewed, and equipped with fresh knowledge and tools for creating change.

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At Ecumenical Advocacy Days this year, you’ll have the chance to hear from extraordinary presenters from Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Guatemala who have dedicated themselves to building peace and campaigning for economic justice. You’ll learn about new economic reforms in Cuba and progressive economic alternatives throughout Latin America. We’ll have conversations with community activists fighting back against multinational corporations and harmful free trade agreements. Colombian church leaders will give you their first-hand accounts of the struggles to return lands to the millions of Colombians who have been violently evicted from their homes. And after taking all this in, we’ll arrange for you to talk with your member of Congress about how they can support jobs, a social safety net, and economic justice both here in the United States and around the world.

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You won’t want to miss out on this great lineup of workshops:

•    Successful Economic Alternatives in Latin America
•    Faith Leading the Way: Ecumenical Activism for Land Rights and Peace Colombia
•    Trade Agreements and Human Rights: How the Victimizers Sue the Victims in Latin America
•    Keep Your State from Being “Alabama-d”: The Economy & Anti-Immigrant Policies
•    A Shared Responsibility: Supporting Colombian Refugees in Their Search for Home
•    Ignoring Economic Reforms by Our Neighbor? How the U.S. embargo on Cuba Is Only Isolating the United States
•    All That is Gold Does Not Glitter:  How Latin America’s Gold Rush is Poisoning Communities

To see full descriptions and speakers for these workshops, click here.

And these workshops only scratch the surface of what’s available at EAD. If you want to go beyond Latin America, you can also choose from more than 45 workshops in the entire conference covering a plethora of domestic and international issues, including a series of trainings on grassroots organizing. So take a moment to explore the EAD website, invite your friends and family, and register now for this special weekend.

We’re looking forward to seeing you March 23-26th at Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2012!