Catch Them in the Office Today

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Can you believe it’s August? It’s amazing to realize that through months of working hard together to maintain pressure on our legislators, we have kept the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement off the table. Congrats on fantastic work so far!

Help us keep the momentum going by participating in our first District Office Call-in Day TODAY!

Step 1—Click here
to look up their office numbers by searching either by name of the member of Congress or your zip code. Then pick up the phone and dial!

Step 2—Ask to speak to the senator or representative. If you can’t speak to him/her, ask for the aide that works on trade and labor issues. Keep your message simple. Just say:

“My name is ____. I am a constituent calling to urge Representative/Senator ____ to take a stand for human and labor rights by opposing the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.”

If you would like to say more, check out our resource page to get some more talking points that you can use.

Step 3—After you’ve made the call, tell us how it went through this website.

And then you’ve done it! Now if you want to multiply your impact, send this link to 10 friends asking that they make a call too. Anyone who is still undecided on the U.S.-Colombia FTA at this point is only going to be swayed by constituent pressure. So, thanks for doing your part!