Resources for Opposing the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

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Thank you for interest in taking action to defeat the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreeement (FTA)! Below you will find links to pages with resources that may be useful for lobbying your members of Congress, galvanizing your community to take action, or even just to further educate yourself on the issues. We will do our best to update these pages as often as possible, so please come back to stay informed and engaged!

  • Actions in your Community – The top actions you can take to keep the pressure on your legislators during the August recess and beyond.

  • State-based Organizing EffortsYou don’t have to act alone. Get connected with other organizers and activists in your area!
  • Online Actions Ways you can spread the word and influence your legislators using email, social media, and other online tools.
  • Videos – Variety of videos featuring people from the U.S. and Colombia expressing their views on the FTA as well as some clips of our elected officials.
  • Fact Sheets and ReportsInformation specifically about the trade agreement and some reports about Colombia that are useful for context.
  • Congressional StatementsStrong words from those in Washington who are standing up for human rights and opposing the FTA.
  • Non-governmental Groups’ Statements – Human rights, faith-based, and environmental groups in the U.S. and Colombia speak out against the FTA.
  • Union StatementsUnions across the country are taking a stand to oppose this harmful trade deal! 
  • Articles, Op-Eds, and other Media – Check out the buzz and debate we’ve been able to generate in media across the country.