Hey Congress: Support Peace in Colombia!

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Not a day goes by without our Colombian brothers and sisters feeling the effects of the armed conflict. With over 5.4 million internally displaced persons, tens of thousands of forced disappearances, over 4,000 victims of extrajudicial executions, brutal kidnappings, deadly landmines and continued threats and attacks against human rights defenders, Colombians have had it with war. We NOW have our chance to get Congress behind the peace process, stand for the rights of victims of violence, and create a pro-peace U.S. policy towards Colombia.

Help us make Congress take notice and get your representative to sign the letter now!


Last week, my co-worker Lisa sent you an email informing you about a Dear Colleague letter by Representatives McGovern and Schakowsky making the rounds in the halls of Congress. So far, 17 representatives have signed the letter, but we NEED more!

Will you help us flood your representative’s inbox with requests to sign this important letter?

We’ve had a good start, but we still need more action from grassroots activists like you and people in your community. Spring recess starts this week so you might be able to catch your representative in your district. Get a group of activists and community leaders together and set up a meeting to drive home the message: now is the time for peace and justice in Colombia. Click herefor a guide on how to request a meeting and click here for a guide on how to hold an effective meeting with your representative.

Ask your representative to sign the letter urging Secretary Kerry to support peace in Colombia now!

Colombians have expressed their support for peace and their outrage over the human costs of the war.  Many have told us:  “In my whole life, I have never experienced one minute of peace.” Yet U.S. policy for the last decade has fueled this war. Now all of us can stand by our Colombian brothers and sisters and advocate for a U.S. policy that promotes an end to the conflict with a just and lasting peace.

Thanks so much for your support at this crucial moment. To see a copy of the letter and the current signers,click hereTo make a phone call, click here for instructions.