Hold the Mexican Military Accountable for Rape and Torture

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Inés and Valentina have waited long enough.  It’s time for justice to be served.

Nine long years after being raped and tortured by soldiers in the Mexican military, Inés Fernández and Valentina Rosendo—two Me’phaa indigenous women from Guerrero, Mexico—have yet to see justice done. They’re tired of excuses and sick of delays, so they’re launching a campaign that calls on President Calderón to stand up against human rights abuses by the military and hold soldiers accountable for their crimes.

But Inés and Valentina can’t do this alone. They need your help.

Will you sign the letter to President Felipe Calderón demanding justice for Inés and Valentina today?

In 2010, after years of persistent organizing and effective advocacy, their case finally reached the Inter-American Court of Human Rights where the Court ordered Mexico to not only make reparations for Inés and Valentina, but also investigate the officials who thwarted justice and take other actions to prevent future atrocities. Unfortunately, Mexico has yet to make meaningful progress on any of these actions.

Tell President Calderón to fully comply with the Inter-American Court rulings!

Inés, Valentina, and their families have been the targets of threats, harassment, and violence during their struggle for justice. But despite the dangers, they continue to fight. Last February, Valentina brought her powerful story to Washington, DC and shared it with a forum for human rights advocates (see below).


Click here to watch a video of Valentina’s testimony.

Their hard work paid off last month when Mexico announced that it will transfer Inés and Valentina’s case from military to civilian jurisdiction, a clear step forward toward ending the long-standing impunity for human rights abuses by the military.    

The stakes are high, and the voice of the international community is critical. To sign the letter to President Calderón, click here

Thanks for all the work you do!