House of Representatives “Cuba Working Group” Releases 9-Point Plan for US-Cuba Policy

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On May 15, the newly formed Cuba Working Group in the House of Representatives released its much anticipated review of U.S. policy toward Cuba. The bipartisan group of 40 members state their desire to see Cubans enjoy greater political and economic freedom, and feel that the 40 year old policy of embargo has been a failure. They further call on the President and Secretary of State to exercise consistency in their foreign policy – citing that the United States currently maintains a policy of engagement with communist China and North Korea.

The working group advocates 9 actions of reform for US policy toward Cuba:

  1. Repeal the travel ban
  2. Allow normal, unsubsidized exports of agricultural and medical products
  3. End restrictions on remittances
  4. Sunset Helms-Burton in March 2003
  5. Repeal Section 211
  6. TV/Radio Marti
  7. Scholarships
  8. Expand security cooperation
  9. Certified property claims

  See the full House Cuba Working Group report pdf here.