ACTION: Congress votes TODAY on protecting Dreamers & TPSianos

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Date: Jun 04, 2019

Author: Lily Folkerts

TODAY is the day—Congress votes this afternoon on H.R. 6 American Dream & Promise Act. It. Must. Pass. And this will only happen if you CALL your representative RIGHT NOW and demand they vote YES.

This bill is BIG. It would provide a pathway to permanent protection for millions of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) recipients. Some grew up here and have only ever called the United States their home. Others have spent the last two decade building businesses, buying homes, starting families, and contributing to local communities. Many would be deported to danger—like violence, corruption, and impunity—if a legislative solution is not passed. And all are longstanding members of our communities that have contributed in countless ways to our country and whose lives have been in constant limbo since the Trump Administration terminated their statuses.

This. Cannot. Wait.
Tell your representative to pass the American Dream & Promise Act TODAY!


One of the best ways to get your representative to listen to you is to get their office on the phone. Not sure who your representative is? Click here to find out >

“Hi, My name is [ FIRST & LAST NAME ], and I am a constituent living in [ CITY, STATE ]. I urge my representative to vote “yes” today on H.R. 6 American Dream and Promise Act. It must pass without any amendments that would narrow eligibility to benefit from the bill. My community welcomes immigrants, and I urge the representative to do the same.”


Hold your representative publicly accountable for their vote. Tag them on social media posts. Copy and paste the sample tweet below—don’t forget to replace [ @YourRepresentative ] with their account handle.

.[ @YourRepresentative ] I call on you to make the right decision and to pass the American Dream & Promise Act that offers a pathway to citizenship for dreamers, TPS holders, & DED recipients. #HereToStay #ProtectTheDream

Thanks in advance for taking action! This vote isn’t just important to the millions that would be protected under it—it also sets the tone and precedent for what this Congress is willing to do to support all immigrants and refugees. Now, don’t forget to get your friends and family to make the call too. Help them take action by sharing this on Twitter and Facebook.