I want to travel, don’t you?

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With the lingering, humid, August heat, we’re looking forward to the upcoming cooler days of the fall season. But, as we all are well aware, the heat never seems to subside when it comes to our work on Cuba! So, while the weather may cool off, we will actually be kicking up the heat on our efforts to restore the right for all Americans to travel freely.

 For starters, we are happy to announce our newly published “How-to” travel resources for all of you who are looking to travel to Cuba. We have compiled a list of upcoming trips for the fall and also a list of travel service providers and charter service providers if you are looking for legal avenues for travel.

While the new guidelines released by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) have loosened several aspects of eligibility and licensing requirements, we are continuing to push for more! This is where YOU come in. We need to take advantage of these travel opportunities, to get more people to the island and to interact more with our Cuban counterparts. Through exchanges and our activism, we can show the President that we are appreciative of the steps he’s taken, but also convince our members of Congress that engaging Cuba is the answer, not continued division. Stay tuned for an opportunity for you to share your travel stories with us!

This fall we will continue to defend these guidelines against our perseverant opponents in Congress who are struggling to repeal them. With Rep. David Rivera and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart proposing legislation that would repeal the current regulations and restrict family travel and remittances, this fall session should be interesting, to say the least.

Also, if you look at our list of trips and have additions or suggestions, please let us know!