Infographic: Remember the Victims of Plan Colombia

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Author: Angelika Albaladejo

 Human Rights Costs During Plan Colombia Cover
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This week, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will be in DC for a White House visit with President Barack Obama. 15 years since the start of Plan Colombia, the two Presidents plan to celebrate the “success of Plan Colombia,” while also supporting the peace process and discussing U.S.-Colombia collaboration on peace moving forward.

As President Santos arrives tomorrow, let’s show we haven’t forgotten the human toll of Plan Colombia.

With more than 6 million Colombians victimized during Plan Colombia, we are launching an infographic, a blog, and a social media campaign this week to show that we remember the victims.

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    • Infographic: The Human Rights Costs of Plan Colombia: #SupportPeaceRememberVictims
    • 15 years since Plan Colombia started, I #SupportPeaceRememberVictims:
    • More than 6 million Colombians victimized during Plan Colombia. INFOGRAPHIC: #SupportPeaceRememberVictims

Thanks to your advocacy earlier this week, we got almost 50 signatures on the dear colleague letter urging President Obama to focus on peace, protection for human rights defenders, and an end to impunity in his meetings with President Santos. Let’s keep up the momentum.

After 15 years of military-focused U.S. assistance through Plan Colombia, the U.S. government is now supporting peace. This is a positive step forward and you’ve made it possible through your advocacy. It’s time to show that we support peace, but we haven’t forgotten the human rights violations seen during the conflict.