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This is an exciting time to be active in our country's decision-making process. There are certainly no shortage of opportunities to get involved in responding to our new President's call to "…pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America."

We need your support to turn these opportunities for remaking America's Cuba policy into real change. As you probably know, to end the travel ban on Cuba, Congress must act. This is something they were hesitant to do under the veto threats of the Bush Administration. Now, change has come to Washington, DC, and our allies in Congress are ready to act. Legislation calling for an end to the travel ban for ALL Americans will pass in Congress if we demand it.

We are reaching out to you because we need your representative to support this legislation.

DELIVER A PACKET: Our partners at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) will be sending every member of the 111th Congress (including the 58 new members of the House) a Cuba Policy Packet (a folder of educational materials about why the United States must end the travel ban to Cuba for all Americans). We want YOU to deliver this packet personally to your congressperson!

JOIN A DELEGATION: We need to show our policymakers that their constituents care about this issue. Are you willing to join a group of your community members in a meeting with your congressional office in the local district office? Your representative will be home for a district work week in February; and we would like to organize, with you and a few other constituents, a meeting with him or her in the district office. February 16 – 20 is the Congressional District Work Week.  We need to move fast to get on your representative's schedule. Contact us today to participate in and help organize a visit to your congressperson's office!  Call or e-mail Angelica Salazar: or (202)797-2171.  Or write back to us at LAWG, and we'll connect you with Angelica, the organizer of this project.

CALL ANGELICA: We are geared up for a truly grassroots campaign to end the travel ban. We are pouring our efforts and resources into helping you establish a relationship with your member of Congress on Cuba issues. Call or e-mail Angelica today:   or 202-797-2171. LAWG, WOLA, and other Cuba policy partners are working around the clock here in Washington, but it will be you and your community that will make the difference in gaining the congressional support we need to change U.S. policy. 

We look forward to hearing from you! Our work remaking America starts now!

Call or e-mail Angelica or (202)797-2171
Call your member of Congress: (202)224-3121. E-mail your member of Congress: