Join us next Monday March 21st: Title 42 Anniversary Events in D.C. & Border

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March 20, 2022 will mark two years of injustice for the many migrants and asylum seekers who have continued to be expelled at the border due to Title 42. For two years, we have been sounding the alarm with you to end this illegal policy that uses the excuse of the pandemic to deny access to asylum and to instead welcome those seeking safety at our border.

While the Title 42 border policy was created by Stephen Miller, President Biden has extended and ramped it up. We cannot and will not stand by while hundreds of thousands are being forced back into dangerous conditions—including when people are being returned to countries they are not even from. It is more urgent than ever to speak up about ending Title 42. 

Just recently, the Texas District Court Judge Mark Pittman ruled that the Biden Administration cannot exempt unaccompanied migrant children in its implementation of Title 42. Despite this ruling, there is still good news! In response, the CDC rebuked the ruling, strongly stating that the expulsion of unaccompanied children cannot be justified as an action to protect public health—something we always knew!

At the same time, a DC Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision declaring it illegal for the government to expel people to places where they would face persecution or torture under the guise of a public health order. The momentum is building. Last week a few members of Congress supported the court’s decision. 

Bottom line–two years is two years too long. President Biden should do everything in his power to finally restore an orderly, welcoming, and just asylum system. Join us in actions for the two-year anniversary of Title 42 to make sure we spread this message far and wide!

What You Can Do

If you are in DC, join events that we’re supporting with our partners  on Monday March 21:

11 – 12 PM EST Title 42 Anniversary March to Restore Asylum at the White House being organized by the Interfaith Immigration Coalition

1 – 2 PM EST Vigil to End Title 42 in front of the CDC office with the Quixote Center

From anywhere:

Watch the Title 42 Anniversary Protest taking place in Nogales at 11am CST.

Lift up this Welcome With Dignity on social media toolkit throughout the week!