Justice for Berta and Freedom for Defenders

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Author: Antonio Saadipour Sellés

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the senseless murder of world-renowned environmental and indigenous rights defender Berta Cáceres. That means it has been four years of seemingly endless fear, frustration, and impunity at the hands of the Honduran government as the intellectual authors of her murder have yet to be brought to justice.

Cáceres, a native Lenca woman who founded the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), fought hard to stop the construction of a dam on the sacred Gualcarque River, which would have threatened the livelihood of the Lenca people. This fight cost Berta her life.

Since her murder, seven of the accused were convicted, and finally sentenced a year after they were convicted, but the trial of one of the intellectual authors has just begun. The reality is that government officials, security forces, and corporate executives all conspired to have her killed. We must keep up the pressure so that all those responsible for her murder are held accountable!

Berta’s assassination was a brutal reminder of the constant threats and violence defenders are subject to in Honduras, especially those defending their lands. Community leaders defending the Guapinol community from harms caused by a mining project are currently in jail, arbitrarily detained for six months. This vicious reality didn’t start with Berta, and it certainly didn’t end with her either.

We must CONDEMN the Honduran government’s attacks on human rights and environmental defenders. Join us in honoring Berta’s memory by demanding justice!


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