Write a Letter to the Editor: Set the Record Straight on Colombia

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DC activists make "A Place to Call Home" messages to ObamaWrite a Letter to the Editor: Call for U.S. policies to support a place to call home for everyone in Colombia!
Did you hear what President Obama did while in Colombia last weekend? Despite ongoing murders of union leaders and land rights activists, he glossed over all the human rights violations, ignored the continuing displacement crisis, and announced that Colombia had fulfilled its requirements on labor rights that would allow the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement to go into effect on May 15.

Click here to set the record straight on what’s really happening in Colombia!

This past week, tens of thousands of activists like you in the United States and Colombia joined our call for a U.S. policy based on peace, justice and a sustainable economy as part of the National Days of Action for Colombia. Through vigils, lobby days, postcards, worship services, and crafting paper houses as a part of our “Place to Call Home” campaign, you educated your communities and sent your message to our legislators.

Now we need your help for one more crucial action. Will you get our message out in the press by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper today?

In all the reporting on Colombia because of the Summit of the Americas, the most important stories have been absent—there have been no testimonies from Colombia’s displaced families, from small-scale farmers struggling to eke out a living, or from communities fighting to survive in the midst of a deadly conflict.

Click here to help us tell these stories and set the record straight on what U.S. priorities should be towards Colombia.

We’ve made it simple by creating a sample letter that you can send with one click. You can also fully customize the letters to make them your own, using the power of our online action center.If you want some inspiration, check out Lisa’s article on the Huffington Post, “Leaders at the Summit of the Americas: Protect Your Human Rights Defenders.

Thank you so much for everything you’re doing this month and all year round!