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Migration News Brief for October 15th, 2021

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Welcome to LAWG’s Migration News Brief, a compilation of recent top articles and reports related to issues of U.S. immigration and enforcement policy and migration from Central America and Mexico.


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Sign the petition to demand that the Biden Administration use the authority of the Executive Office to end deportations, end Title 42, and extend TPS for Haitians. 

U.S. Enforcement

US plans to reinstate ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy next month 
Elliot Spagat and Mark Stevenson, Associated Press, October 15, 2021
“The Biden administration said it plans to reinstate a Trump-era border policy next month to make asylum-seekers wait in Mexico for hearings in U.S. immigration court, complying with a judge’s order. It hinges on approval of the Mexican government, which has raised concerns that U.S. officials are working to address, the Justice Department said in a court filing late Thursday.”

Haitian advocates call on Biden to turn page on ‘cruel asylum policies’
Rafael Bernal, The Hill, October 14, 2021
“Immigration advocates have grown increasingly impatient with the Biden administration for its continued implementation of Title 42, a Trump-era border management policy that allows U.S. officials to immediately expel foreign nationals without hearing asylum claims, under the guise of pandemic sanitary protections.”

Few migrants processed under Title 42 border policy are screened for U.S. protection
Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS News, October 14, 2021
“These migrants received screenings that are more difficult to pass than traditional asylum interviews. They have to prove they are “more likely than not” to be tortured if expelled, which would qualify them for refuge under the United Nations Convention Against Torture, of which the U.S. is a signatory.”

‘Who wouldn’t want out?’: migrants deported to Haiti face challenge of survival
Joe Parkin Daniels, The Guardian, October 13, 2021
“Violent gangs rule the streets, kidnapping residents rich and poor alike for ransom every day, while shortages of fuel and basic goods are common, and public services from traffic lights to sewer systems are practically nonexistent. When President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in his home on 7 July in circumstances that remain murky, the situation only worsened. An earthquake the following month added to Haiti’s misery, killing at least 2,200 people and leaving tens of thousands homeless.”

Life Under the ‘Extreme Hardship’ of US Immigration Law
Deborah Chasman, New York Magazine, October 13, 2021
“The smuggler left them hidden by rocks and brush on the side of the road just over the border on the U.S. side. He promised to return soon with a car. Three days passed. Out of food and supplies, with only dirty water from a well at the side of the road, they began walking again. From El Centro my husband took a bus to Los Angeles and headed to the airport.”

Who’s to blame for Haiti’s migration crisis? 
Toni Cela & Louis Herns Marcelin, The New Humanitarian, October 12, 2021
“Expecting short-term, punitive measures – such as restricting asylum access and deporting thousands – to stem Haitian migrant flows is akin to using duct tape to stop a pipe leak: It may temporarily reduce numbers, but it will not prevent people from undertaking dangerous journeys in search of a better life – as illustrated by the case of 126 mostly Haitian asylum seekers and migrants en route to the US southern border who were rescued from a shipping container abandoned on the side of the road in Guatemala on 9 October.”

Homeland Security secretary orders ICE to stop mass raids on immigrants’ workplaces 
Bill Chapell, NPR, October 12, 2021
“The announcement is part of a shift in strategy under the Biden administration that puts a new emphasis on going after businesses and employers that violate labor laws. In addition to halting mass raids, it supports the idea of exercising prosecutorial discretion to spare workers from charges if they witness or are the victims of abuse or exploitation in the workplace. ”We will not tolerate unscrupulous employers who exploit unauthorized workers, conduct illegal activities, or impose unsafe working conditions,” Mayorkas said in a news release about the shift.” 

DHS, Texas officials prepare for ‘mother of all caravans’ allegedly assembling in Mexico
Julian Resendiz, Border Report, October 12, 2021
“A challenge already is brewing 1,500 miles to the south, where activists are organizing a caravan of Haitian and Central American migrants they say will depart for the U.S. border on Oct. 23. Organizers are calling this group assembling in Tapachula, Chiapas, the “Caravana Madre,” or Mother Caravan, and estimate it will be tens of thousands of people strong.”

What Health Experts Say About Biden’s Title 42 and COVID-19
Jasmine Aguilera, Time Magazine, October 12, 2021
“There’s no evidence that a policy allowing for mass expulsions prevents the spread of COVID-19, they argue. And it may, in fact, have the opposite effect: by rounding up and detaining hundreds of thousands of migrants in large groups, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which does not offer COVID-19 testing for migrants, may actually be stoking the transmission of the disease.”

US to open Mexico and Canada land borders to fully vaccinated people
Julia Ainsley, NBC News, October 12, 2021
“Beginning early next month, nonessential travelers, such as those entering for tourism or to visit family members, will be required to show proof of Covid vaccination to Customs and Border Protection officers when they cross land borders. A similar, previously announced policy will also take effect at the same time for air travelers entering the U.S. Around the start of the new year, essential travelers, such as truck drivers crossing U.S. land borders, will also be required to be fully vaccinated.”

America’s Long History of Mistreating Haitian Migrants
Ibrahim Hirsi, The Nation, October 12, 2021
“The migrants whose pictures flooded the Internet were among thousands of Haitian asylum seekers attempting to restart their lives in the United States. But federal patrol agents, wearing chaps and cowboy hats, confronted them with horses and reins—a tactic Vice President Kamala Harris said evokes images of slavery.”

A Secretive Counterterrorism Team Interrogated Dozens of Citizens at the Border, Government Report Finds 
Dara Lind, ProPublica, October 11, 2021
“A new government report has revealed that a secretive counterterrorism team interrogated dozens of American activists and journalists at the border as part of the Trump administration’s sweeping response to fears about a large migrant “caravan” that was making its way to the United States’ southern border.”

Biden promete más inversión en México y Centroamérica para atender migración
Los Angeles Times, 11 de octubre de 2021
“El presidente de Estados Unidos, Joe Biden, prometió en una carta enviada a su homólogo mexicano, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, un incremento de “la inversión en el sur de México y el norte de Centroamérica” para atender las causas que provocan la migración forzada”. 

Migrant border campsite is now primarily Mexican nationals, not Central Americans or Haitians 
Salvador Rivera, WKBN First News, October 11, 2021
“Since the camp first began to shape up in February, many in the area have complained the asylum seekers have been bad for businesses at places such as pharmacies and liquor stores as well as other shops meant for tourists. There has also been concerns over health and safety issues, not only for the migrants, but residents in the area. And, a large portion of the campsite sits on a plaza that is an entry and exit point for Ped West, one of the pedestrian crossings at the San Ysidro Port of Entry that has been closed for most of the pandemic.” 

Mujeres migrantes hacia EU sufren violencia de género 
Ciela Avila, Milenio, 11 de octubre de 2021
“En su primer intento fue expulsada bajo la política migratoria Título 42. “Me quedé en el puente, sentada… llorando”, cuenta. Esta política se activó a causa de la emergencia por la pandemia de covid-19 e impide que personas y familias tengan acceso a los procedimientos de asilo y de identificación de sus necesidades de protección en Estados Unidos”. 

Biden Administration Doubles Down On Title 42 As Del Rio Expulsions Draw to A Close
Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, Immigration Impact, October 8, 2021
“With expulsions to Haiti finally slowing to a trickle after 70 flights since September 19, more than 7,500 people who waited in the Del Rio camp to access the asylum process have now been expelled back to Haiti. Half were women and children. With more Haitians on the way to the U.S. southern border, the Biden administration has ignored intensive criticism of their actions and indicated that mass expulsions would continue.” 

At Mexico-U.S. Security Talks, Migration Question Is Largely Avoided
Lara Jakes and Maria Abi-Habib, The New York Times, October 8, 2021
“Immigration was not completely ignored on Friday: Both sides said the migrant crisis was discussed during the talks, including over breakfast with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said at a news conference that collaboration between the United States and Mexico in managing migrants “has never been stronger” and suggested that both countries would enlist other regional leaders to assist, in part by focusing on the broader economic and social issues driving migration.”

Haitian Migrants Confront Racial Discrimination at our Southern Border 
Mary Giovagnoli, American Bar Association, October 8, 2021
“Del Rio is not just about the recent treatment of Haitian migrants or migrants generally at our Southern border.  It recalls a long and bitter history of mistreatment of Haitians and represents the chaos that can ensue when we fail to acknowledge the multiple changes in migration patterns and the need for new, more humane methods of processing and receiving migrants.”

Deportation to turmoiled Haiti an act of ‘violence’ against migrants, advocate says
Yamiche Alcindor, PBS News, October 7, 2021
“And it’s why we have been asking for them to stop deportation, because we see deportation as a form of violence upon Haiti and the Haitian people, as we see Haiti unable to recover from all this turmoil. Yet, today, the United States have decided, instead of providing protection to Haitians, they are deporting. And I want to highlight that they are deporting pregnant women. Little children, little Black boys, little Black girls in need of protection are being deported to Haiti right now.”

How Biden Came to Own Trump’s Policy at the Border
The New Yorker, October 6, 2021
“Members of the Biden transition team decided to leave Title 42 in place, continuing to refuse entry to asylum seekers while working on a new system to scale up capacity. The idea was to reverse the previous Administration’s most aggressive policies and build in safety protocols for the pandemic, but that approach introduced an immediate tension. “You either believe in asylum or you don’t,” Eleanor Acer, of Human Rights First, told me.”

Mexican Enforcement

Middle-Class Migrants Fly to Mexico and Then Cross U.S. Border Illegally
Alicia A. Caldwell, The Wall Street Journal, October 13, 2021
“While the majority of people who come to the U.S. through Mexico are among the world’s poorest fleeing poverty and crime, such as the thousands of Haitians who recently formed a makeshift camp in Del Rio, Texas, the growth in middle-class migrants reflects continued hardship in nations such as Brazil and Venezuela from the Covid-19 pandemic and associated economic downturns, as well as political instability.”

Mexico cheers imminent U.S. border opening, frets over WHO vaccine rules 
Ana Isabel Martinez, Reuters, October 13, 2021
“The world’s busiest land border, where nearly a million people crossed each day before the coronavirus pandemic broke out, has been closed to non-essential travel since March 2020. “The opening of the northern border has been achieved, we are going to have normality,” President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador told his daily morning news conference.”

The Despair of Haitians in Mexico
Jorge Ramos Avalos, Jorge Ramos, October 13, 2021
“I was just there, and there were no officials or police along the river. And when they showed up, they did not stop anyone coming from Guatemala. The problems come later. When those same Haitian migrants try to move deeper into Mexican territory, they are being stopped and arrested. To get on a bus, they are required to provide documents showing they are legally in the country, which of course they don’t have.”

Haitianos enfrentan xenofobia en campamentos de migrantes en la frontera México-EE. UU. 
CGTN en Español, 13 de octubre de 2021
“Es un proceso discriminatorio muy fuerte que pudimos detectar al interior del campamento en El Chaparral, lo cual se convirtió en un problema. Generó en el hecho de que fueron expulsados una gran cantidad de personas haitianas y a buscarse lugar en los distintos albergues, refugios o cuartos de renta, guarderías que hay aquí”. 

México expulsa a Guatemala a 101 menores detenidos en Tamaulipas 
Alberto Pradilla, Animal Politico, 12 de octubre de 2021
“México expulsó a 101 menores guatemaltecos y otros 60 adultos que fueron detenidos el pasado jueves por la noche en un operativo en el kilómetro 53 de la carretera de Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, a Monterrey, Nuevo León. En total fueron 652 migrantes capturados en un retén militar cuando se dirigían hacia EU, la mayoría de ellos procedentes de Guatemala”.

Crisis de migrantes haitianos pone al límite albergues de Ciudad de México 
Inés Amarelo, Listin Diario, 11 de octubre de 2021
“Hasta el momento, el Gobierno de México ya ha deportado a miles de migrantes y aunque el Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) mantiene que muchos son regresos voluntarios, la semana pasada se vieron imágenes de un haitiano tratando de saltar de la escalinata del avión que lo llevaría a su país de origen. Una situación que trajo críticas por parte del varias organizaciones internacionales que velan por los derechos de los migrantes”. 

Mexico’s migrant shelters struggle with influx of Haitians 
La Prensa Latina, October 11, 2021
“Migrant shelters in this capital are seeking help from authorities to cope with the large numbers of Haitians streaming into the country as the chronic migration crisis along the border between Mexico and the United States grows more acute. “It makes me very sad that the city government has not been sensitive in the face of this avalanche of Haitian people,” Gabriela Hernandez, director of the Casa Tochan shelter, told Efe.”

Acusan a personal de migración en Tampico de robar a migrantes 
Pablo Reyes, Milenio Noticias, 11 de octubre de 2021
“Acusan a personal del Instituto Nacional de Migración con base en Tampico de robarle a indocumentados que fueron detenidos esta semana a la altura de la caseta en la “Cuarentenaria” municipio de Altamira. A decir de los mismos afectados, a una familia le quitaron 400 dólares y a la otra dos mil 500 pesos, por lo que presentará la denuncia correspondiente por este delito y abuso de autoridad para que sean castigados con todo el peso de la ley”. 

Migrantes en Coahuila. Buscan instalar albergue permanente en Frontera 
Esmeralda Sanchez, Milenio Noticias, 10 de octubre de 2021
“La Diócesis de Saltillo informó en Monclova que busca convertir en albergue permanente de migrantes y refugiados la Parroquia del Verbo Encarnado, en Frontera, que actualmente es utilizada como albergue temporal y apoya a 56 personas, principalmente provenientes de Haití”.

652 migrantes fueron detenidos cerca de la frontera entre México y EE. UU., 355 de ellos son menores de edad 
El Universo, 8 de octubre de 2021
“Autoridades mexicanas interceptaron a 652 migrantes, 355 de ellos menores de edad, que eran transportados en tres camiones en una carretera del nororiental estado de Tamaulipas, según informaron este viernes fuentes oficiales. Los migrantes de diversas nacionalidades, entre ellos mujeres y niños, se encontraban hacinados en tres tráileres con doble contenedor, detalló un comunicado del Grupo de Coordinación Estatal para la Construcción de la Paz en Tamaulipas”. 

More than 100 Haitians found in trailer in Guatemala as desperate efforts to reach U.S. continue
Miriam Berger, The Washington Post, October 10, 2021
“Guatemalan authorities said they searched the trailer around dawn after residents heard screams coming from within, the BBC reported. The shipping container was found in an area between the towns of Nueva Concepción and Cocales in the country’s south. Police spokesman Jorge Aguilar told reporters that of the 126 undocumented people found inside, 106 were from Haiti, 11 from Nepal and nine from Ghana, AFP reported.”

How “voluntary” are Mexico’s ‘humanitarian return flights’? 
José Miguel Vivanco, Human Rights Watch, October 6, 2021
“President López Obrador has boasted that he leads a “humanist government.” He regularly praises Mexican migrants forced to leave their homes and travel to the United States. His failure to protect the lives and rights of migrants in Mexico is shameful, hypocritical, and anything but humanitarian.”

Root Causes

Honduras: Mayoral Candidate & Daughter of Berta Cáceres Targeted Ahead of November Elections 
Democracy Now, October 12, 2021
In Honduras, a mayoral candidate for the progressive Libre party has been assassinated less than two months before the November elections. Nery Fernando Reyes was shot dead on Friday in the town of Yusguare. Hours later, Honduran Congresswoman Olivia Marcela Zúniga Cáceres was beaten by four men inside her own home.”

Afro-Indigenous People in Honduras Are Being Forcibly Displaced. Washington Is Complicit.
Miriam Miranda, In these Times, October 11, 2021
“In summer 2021, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris came to Central America and told would-be migrants: ​“Do not come.” More recently, photos of U.S. Border Patrol agents whipping Haitian refugees in the Texas desert brutally drove that message home. This anti-migrant message is dehumanizing and wrong. But the truth is, many of us would love nothing more than to stay in our homes. It’s Washington that’s making it difficult.” 

Violencia política y proceso electoral
Radio Progreso, 12 de octubre de 2021
“De acuerdo con la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, participar en elecciones libres y auténticas es un derecho fundamental para la salvaguarda de los derechos humanos, ya que sólo un gobierno derivado de la legítima voluntad popular puede proporcionar la más sólida garantía de que sean respetados”. 

Record number of migrant children make dangerous trip through Central American jungle 
Washington Post, October 12, 2021
“The number of children and teens who risked their lives to cross the Darien Gap, the dangerous jungle that separates Colombia and Panama, reached a record high between January and September, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reported Monday. UNICEF said 19,000 minors faced the rigors of the jungle during that period. At least 1 in 5 of the migrants who walked the area, which is filled with wild animals and occupied by criminals, are children.”

Falta de Sentencia contra David Castillo e Incertidumbre Jurídica en el caso de Berta Cáceres 
COPINH, 12 de octubre de 2021
“A 529 años del inicio de la invasión a los pueblos indígenas, que seguimos resistiendo, 529 años de cárcel para David Castillo serían pocos para calmar el dolor que ha dejado en el pueblo Lenca, con el auspicio del Estado de Honduras. Hoy, 12 de Octubre del 2021, en el marco de la conmemoración del día de la Resistencia Indígena, el Consejo Cívico de Organizaciones Populares e Indígenas de Honduras (COPINH)”. 

CONADEH guarda silencio sobre reformas del CN que prometen cárcel a hondureños que protesten » Criterio.hn
Criterio, 12 de octubre de 2021
“En comunicación telefónica con Criterio.hn, la titular del CONADEH, Blanca Izaguirre manifestó que había un pronunciamiento redactado que aún no había sido divulgado debido a que se encontraba fuera del país. Cabe destacar que las publicaciones institucionales desde redes sociales relacionadas a capacitaciones, reuniones, alertas sobre la falta de pago al personal del Registro Nacional de las Personas y atentados contra figuras políticas han continuado”.

OACNUDH expresa preocupación por los actos de violencia política en el contexto electoral e insta a Honduras a tomar medidas para garantizar elecciones pacíficas 
OACNUDH, 12 de octubre de 2021
“OACNUDH ha registrado al menos 45 incidentes graves de violencia política en Honduras desde la convocatoria a elecciones primarias en octubre de 2020, de los cuáles 23 constituyen muertes violentas de candidatos y candidatas, sus familiares, activistas y votantes, lo que representa un incremento de las muertes violentas con respecto a la etapa preelectoral de 2017”. 

Honduras a un paso de la epidemia por dengue, alertan autoridades 
Proceso Digital, 12 de octubre de 2021
“Con cuatro decesos y 25 nuevos casos graves cada semana, Honduras se encuentra en una situación de alerta o de alarma, a un paso de la epidemia por dengue. Así lo anunció este martes el doctor Hommer Mejía, coordinador de la Unidad de Vigilancia de la Secretaría de Salud (Sesal), quien reveló que el departamento de Francisco Morazán, ya reporta los cuatro serotipos del dengue”. 

Solo 15 mil hondureños podrán votar en el exterior en próximas elecciones
Proceso Digital, 11 de octubre de 2021
“La Fundación 15 de Septiembre de hondureños en Estados Unidos, pidió al Congreso del país centroamericano una extensión «urgente» del plazo de validez de las tarjetas de identificación de emigrantes, que expiran en un par de días y podría dejar en un limbo a unos 2 millones de hondureños”. 

2021 registra el mayor número de niños y niñas migrantes que cruzan la selva del Darién hacia EEUU 
UNICEF, 11 de octubre de 2021
“El número de niños y niñas migrantes que cruzan la selva del Darién a pie ha alcanzado un máximo histórico, según ha advertido hoy UNICEF. La selva del Darién, que separa Colombia y Panamá, es uno de los lugares más peligrosos para los migrantes que intentan llegar a Norteamérica. Casi 19.000 niños y niñas migrantes han atravesado la selva del Darién en lo que va de año, casi tres veces más que el número registrado durante los cinco años anteriores juntos”. 

Guatemala transfers prosecutor who pursued former dictator
Associated Press, October 11, 2021
“Guatemala’s attorney general has transferred the prosecutor leading the office that took former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt and other former military officers to trial for crimes against humanity. Attorney General Consuelo Porras moved Hilda Pineda to a new office pursuing crimes against tourists. Pineda confirmed Monday that she was transferred.” 

Honduras en deuda con vacunación contra la Covid-19
Radio Progreso, 10 de octubre de 2021
“A 19 meses del inicio de la pandemia y, a 7 del comienzo del proceso de vacunación contra el coronavirus, Honduras sigue siendo uno de los países de la región con menos  porcentaje de  población con esquema completo. Centroamericana ha recibido por lo menos, 43 millones y medio de dosis de vacunas de las distintas casas farmacéuticas”. 

Kidnappings surge in Haiti, spiking sixfold in 2021 over the same period last year 
Widlore Mérancourt and Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post, October 9, 2021
“Four days after the August earthquake that devastated the south of Haiti, Walkens Alexandre, a physician, was traveling to treat victims at a hospital when a motorcycle blocked his white Ford Ranger. Two men hopped off, pulled guns, commandeered his truck and hauled him to the outskirts of the capital. He was held for three days while the kidnappers negotiated by phone with his family.” 

México registra al menos 800 casos de tortura y un 94.8% de impunidad 
Albinson Linares, Telemundo, 8 de octubre de 2021
“Los cadáveres de tres personas, descuartizadas y calcinadas, fueron encontrados en unas bolsas en Abasolo, Guanajuato, el 2 de septiembre. Tres días después, asesinaron a una mujer transexual en el mismo estado y también se encontró el cadáver de un hombre, quemado y torturado, que colgaba de un árbol en Coacalco, estado de México”. 

Supreme Court Targets Pablo Xitumul in Latest Move to Criminalize Independent Judges
Guatemala Human Rights Commission, October 8, 2021
“On October 6, the Supreme Court of Justice ruled to move forward with preliminary proceedings against Judge Pablo Xitumul of High Risk Court D regarding a traffic violation charge. In 2019, a police officer stopped Xitumul in front of his home and demanded to search his car. When Xitumul refused, a struggle ensued. Both Xitumul and the officer filed complaints to the Public Ministry for abuse of authority; the Public Ministry threw out Xitumul’s complaint and only pursued the one against him.” 

Pandora Papers Prompt Calls for Tax Code Reform in Latin America 
Catherine Osborn, Foreign Policy, October 8, 2021
“According to the documents, Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso has had ties to 10 offshore companies and trusts in Delaware, Panama, and South Dakota, while the children of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera used an offshore company to sell shares of a mining project planned for Chile’s north-central coast in 2010, during a previous Piñera presidency. The reports also linked Dominican President Luis Abinader to two offshore companies in Panama.”

Las 15 niñas sobrevivientes del Hogar seguro ya son adultas 
Judith Butler, No-Ficcion, 29 de septiembre de 2021
“Kimberly fue institucionalizada “por fuga y rebeldía”. Ese fue el criterio por el que la Secretaría de Bienestar Social la envió al Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción, donde debía tener “abrigo y protección”. Su madre, según explica, tomó la decisión de institucionalizar porque pensó que su relación mejoraría y recibiría muchos beneficios: educación, atención psicológica, acceso a servicios de salud, entre otras atenciones. Pero no fue así. La realidad dentro del Hogar era catastrófica”. 

Honduras, in Brief 
El Faro, August 30, 2021
“Today, August 30, the period of campaign propaganda in Honduras officially kicks off, 90 days before presidential and congressional elections on Sunday, November 28. The elections will mark the end of eight years of rule under Juan Orlando Hernández, who has been named as a co-conspirator in a drug trafficking case in New York against his brother Tony Hernández, sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking in March.”

Actions, Alerts, and Resources

ICE Air Flights 
Tom Cartwright, Witness at the Border, October 10, 2021
“Total ICE Air flights recorded a staggering record number in September of 766, rocketing past the prior high of 695 (since recording began 20 months ago) by 10%, and far eclipsing the prior high of 499, by 54%. Moreover, September flights were 2.3x more than in June, just 3 months ago (page 15). Since the inauguration of President Biden there have been 3,864 likely ICE Air flights, almost 25% above the pre-inauguration pace in November/December 2020.” 

34,000 Members’ Ideas for Change 
Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project, October 5, 2021
“I would like to shorten or eliminate the wait completely for asylum seekers to be able to apply for work authorization. It is an extreme hardship to have to wait years for the asylum process to be completed and not be able to obtain work authorization.” – ASAP member from Guatemala.” 

* The Migration News Brief is a selection of relevant news articles, all of which do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the Latin America Working Group.

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