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Migration News Brief 10.1.21

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A compilation of recent top articles and reports related to issues of U.S. immigration and enforcement policy and migration from Central America and Mexico (articles in English and Spanish). Please feel free to send us recommendations or requests for upcoming news briefs: lalvarez@lawg.org

Sign the petition: Demand that the Biden Administration HALT all deportations to Haiti
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Sign the petition to demand that the Biden Administration use the authority of the Executive Office to end deportations, end Title 42, and extend TPS for Haitians. 

U.S. Enforcement
U.S. expels nearly 4,000 Haitians in 9 days as part of deportation blitz 
Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS News, September 27, 2021
“The Biden administration has carried out the mass expulsions under an emergency pandemic-era policy known as Title 42 that was first enacted under former President Donald Trump, to the dismay of advocates for asylum-seekers and Democrats. The pace and scale of the expulsions to Haiti, a country where deportation flights were suspended last month because of a deadly earthquake, could make the operation one of the swiftest and largest U.S. deportation campaigns of migrants by air.” Deportations of Haitians spark concerns over environmental refugees
Rachel Frazin and Rebecca Beitsch, The Hill, September 30, 2021
“Advocates say the scenario reveals a hole in the Biden administration’s plans for addressing climate change and those displaced by natural disasters as Haitians flee both political turmoil from the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July and the effects of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in August.” Thousands of Haitians Are Being Allowed Into the U.S. But What Comes Next?
Miriam Jordan, The New York Times, September 30, 2021
“The highly publicized crush of Haitians this month underscores the continuing difficulty of deterring mass migration on the southwestern border, even with an arsenal of measures designed to slow the arrival of migrants during a pandemic. It also shows the degree to which early generations of immigrants continue to pave the way for others who come later, in a pattern that is as old as the nation itself.”U.S. officials think huge surge at border possible if Covid restriction is lifted
Julia Ainsley, NBC news, September 30, 2021
“On a call this week with senior Department of Homeland Security officials, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas asked whether the department was prepared for a worst-case scenario in which 350,000 to 400,000 migrants cross the border in October, according to two DHS officials familiar with the conversation.”Op-Ed: Biden is only the latest president to shun Haitians in need
Dewayne Wickham, Los Angeles Times, September 29, 2021
“The Haitians were housed in military tents pitched atop the tarmac of an abandoned runway. Inside, the temperature pushed above 100 degrees. Outside, the tent city was surrounded by doubled rows of barbed wire and heavily armed U.S. soldiers.The Bush administration called these Haitian refugees “migrants,” a term that sought to make more palatable its decision to return nearly all of them to an uncertain fate in Haiti.” The Other Americans: Haitians Expelled from Southern Border
Jeff Abbott, The Progressive Magazine, September 29, 2021
“The United States carried out more than forty-four expulsion flights to Haiti in one week. At the time of publication, the expulsion flights are continuing. But despite the United States’ heavy-handed response to Haitian migrants at the U.S. border, Haitians and other migrants continue to stream north.” The US Should Welcome Haitian Refugees, Not Brutalize and Deport Them 
Valerie Kaas and Kevin Cashman, Jacobin Magazine, September 28, 2021
“These deportations are enabled by Title 42, a policy used under the Trump presidency and continued by the Biden administration which effectively denies migrants of their legal right to seek asylum in the United States on the pretext of the public health risk posed by COVID-19. In light of these developments, the Biden administration has faced sharp criticism, including from now-former US envoy to Haiti Daniel Foote, who resigned in a poignant letter earlier this week.”Migrants arrested by Texas in border crackdown are being imprisoned for weeks without legal help or formal charges 
Jolie McCullough, The Texas Tribune, September 27, 2021
“Hundreds of migrants arrested under Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s “catch and jail” border security push have been sitting in prison for weeks with no charges filed against them, and dozens were imprisoned for more than a month without being appointed lawyers. Most of the men are Latino and many don’t speak English.” Treatment of Haitian migrants at border should prick the US conscience 
Dylan Corbett, National Catholic Reporter, September 27, 2021
“On the floor of the Senate, Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer condemned the actions of Department of Homeland Security personnel on the ground and said, “the horrible treatment of these innocent people who have come to the border must stop immediately.” Vice President Kamala Harris also expressed “grave concerns” to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who promised a quick and thorough investigation.”A Pathway for Undocumented Immigrants Is Essential 
James Goodman, The Progressive Magazine, September 27, 2021
“The images of desperate Haitians trying to cross the Southern border while being abused by Border Patrol agents and put on deportation flights back to Haiti have deepened her concerns. “I am fighting for everybody who doesn’t have legal status,” says Thamara, fifty, whose legal status depends on the continued renewal of her TPS.”Climate change is intensifying the US border crisis. It will only get worse
Rachel Ramirez, CNN, September 26, 2021
“Research has shown that climate migration will become more likely as the planet warms and people seek places they consider safer and more economically stable. According to a UN report in April, weather disasters linked to climate change have pushed roughly 21.5 million people in countries already struggling with conflict to move each year, on average, since 2010.” ‘They treated us like animals’: Haitians angry and in despair at being deported from US
Joe Parkin Daniels, the Guardian, September 26, 2021
“I don’t know if Biden knows what happened to us, but they treated us like private property,” Delva said. Despite the traumas of their long journey, he was certain of one thing: his family’s future was not in Haiti. “We’ll stay here for a month or so, then we’ll try to leave again.”Homeland Security chief Mayorkas defends Biden administration over treatment of Haitian migrants 
Teaganne Finn, NBC News, September 26, 2021
“Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas sought Sunday to fend off criticism of the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis at the border, specifically the cases of Haitian migrants who had been encamped under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. “I’m intensely and immensely proud of the men and women of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In fact, in Del Rio, Texas, I saw them act heroically,” Mayorkas said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”Biden Plan for Immigration: Is He Reversing Trump’s Policies?
Tessa Stuart, Rolling Stone, September 26, 2021
“This week, as Customs and Border Protection officers on horseback rounded up Haitian migrants before hundreds of them were deported en masse under a Trump administration rule Biden has fought to keep in place, it’s been hard to tell any difference between the president who made rabidly anti-immigrant policies the centerpiece of his administration and the president who vowed to reverse those policies.”Back in Haiti, expelled migrant family plans to flee again
Evens Sanon and Danica Coto, AP News, September 24, 2021
“The prize was a one-way trip back to the place they had so desperately wanted to escape. And so it was that Celestin arrived in Haiti aboard the last flight Wednesday to the capital of Port-au-Prince, a city the 38-year-old left three years ago in search of a better-paying job to help support his family. He is among some 2,000 migrants that the U.S. expelled to Haiti this week via more than 17 flights, with more scheduled in upcoming days. Staying in Haiti is not an option for many of them. Like Celestin, they plan to flee their country again as soon as they can.” Thousands More Haitians Are Heading to the US-Mexico Border
Emily Green, Vice, September 24, 2021
“More than 20,000 Haitians are trekking upward through Central America based on numbers from the Panamanian government, which tracks migrants crossing the Darien Gap. The sliver of land connecting Colombia and Panama is a transit point for migrants heading north and also one of the most deadly, marked by drug traffickers, armed guerrillas, and jaguars.”Biden criticizes treatment of Haitians as ’embarrassment’
Morgan Chalfant, The Hill, September 24, 2021
“President Biden on Friday decried the scene of border agents chasing Haitian migrants at the southern border as un-American and vowed to punish those responsible.“To see people treated like they did, horses barely running them over and people being strapped. It was outrageous. I promise those people will pay,” Biden said after a reporter asked if he took responsibility for the situation at the border, which he answered that he did.” The US’s Long History of Mistreating Haitian Migrants
Edwidge Danticat, The New Yorker, September 24, 2021
“The mass expulsions from Del Rio this week are not the first time the current Administration has moved forcefully against Haitian migrants. During Joe Biden’s initial weeks in office, invoking a public-health measure known as Title 42, which had previously been used by the Trump Administration at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the Administration deported more than a thousand Haitians, including babies.” US Policy Toward Haitian Immigrants Is Part of a Long, Troubled History
Rebekah Wolf, Immigration Impact, September 24, 2021
“Thousands of Haitians were held at Guantanamo Bay throughout the early 1990s. In 2002, the U.S. government issued an executive order creating what became the Migrant Operations Center for detaining people who were interdicted at sea—largely Haitian and Cuban nationals. The Biden administration issued a new request for contract services to operate this detention center.”EXCLUSIVE UN migration body asks Brazil to receive Haitians on US-Mexico border – sources 
Gabriel Stargardter and Lisandra Paraguassu, Reuters, September 24, 2021
“The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has formally asked Brazil to receive some Haitian migrants camped along the U.S.-Mexico border hoping to enter the United States, according to two sources with knowledge of the request. The petition from the IOM, a United Nations agency, comes as U.S. President Joe Biden faces mounting pressure to resolve yet another migration dilemma.”More than 40 children with non-Haitian passports deported to Haiti: IOM
Caitlin Hu, CNN, September 23, 2021
“Dozens of children with non-Haitian passports have been sent to Haiti as part of the US government’s massive deportation operation this week, according to the International Organization for Migration. As of Wednesday, the latest figures available, a total of 1,424 deportees from the US had arrived on 12 flights in Haiti, according to Giuseppe Loprete, chief of mission for the IOM, which is helping process the new arrivals.”Mexican EnforcementMigrantes venezolanos: de llegar a México en avión a atravesar la selva del Darién y quedar atrapados en Tapachula
Alberto Pradilla, Animal Politico, 27 de septiembre de 2021
“El pasaporte no se puede sacar, un pasaporte son 600 dólares, y un sueldo son 8”, asegura. Por eso la familia se vio obligada a realizar esta peligrosa caminata. Atravesar el Darién es algo que Salas dice que jamás va a olvidar. “Fueron seis días caminando. Muchas personas no tienen suerte. Se mueren, las violan, las roban, de todo un poquito”, afirma”. Mexico to resume voluntary flights for migrants who want to return to Haiti 
Anthony Esposito and Diego Ore, Reuters, September 26, 2021
“Mexico’s government said on Sunday that it will resume flights to Port-au-Prince starting next week for Haitian migrants who want to return home. The flights from Tapachula in Chiapas and Villahermosa in Tabasco will be offered to “those who voluntarily wish to return to their country,” the Mexican government said in a statement.” In Mexico, some Haitians find a helping hand 
Maria Verza, AP News, September 26, 2021
“Some Ciudad Acuña residents took in Haitian families, while others provided food and water. Virginia Salazar, a Mexican woman, and her husband Mensah Montant, from the African nation of Togo, were among those who responded to the Haitians’ needs.The couple brought rice to one home, medicine to another, and they’re looking for a mattress for one Haitian family. Montant knows how it feels to be a stranger in a strange land: He arrived in Mexico as an immigrant himself nine years ago, and now works as a tailor.” Haitians Who Fled The US Border Are Now Facing Nights Of Raids And Terror In Mexico
Adolfo Flores, BuzzFeed News, September 22, 2021
“Returning to Mexico was a last resort for the Haitians after crossing the Rio Grande and setting up camp under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Food, water, and medicine were lacking. Border Patrol agents on horseback chased them. Children were getting sick. There was no avoiding COVID-19. President Joe Biden’s administration started loading people onto planes and flying them back to Haiti, a place many of the immigrants haven’t lived in for years.”

Root CausesWho Controls Justice in Central America? – ElFaro.net 
El Faro, September 29, 2021
“The Bukele administration’s attacks on judicial independence were one of the main reasons that thousands of people protested in El Salvador this past September 15. But this didn’t stop the Supreme Court from illegally instating 98 judges on Sunday under a controversial judicial reform, which forces judges into retirement after the age of 60 or after 30 years of service and allows the Supreme Court to transfer judges without cause.”Bukele, el autoritario cool – ElFaro.net
Gabriel Labrador, El Faro, 29 de septiembre de 2021 
“Cuando asumió como presidente tenía 38 años. Sus primeras decisiones las anunció en Twitter, donde tenía un millón de seguidores. Ordenaba cosas tan disímiles como la destitución de decenas de funcionarios del FMLN, el cambio de nombre de un cuartel que hacía honores a un criminal de guerra o que todos se fueran a dormir. Cuando cumplió dos semanas de gobierno, se autonombró en un tuit como “el presidente más cool del mundo” y solía interactuar con influencers de millones de suscriptores en YouTube”. Honduras, el mundo te observa: tienes una deuda pendiente con las personas trans 
Angelita Baeyens y Kacey Mordecai, The New York Times, 27 de septiembre de 2021
“América Latina es una región cruel para las personas trans. Muchas de ellas mueren en circunstancias violentas y poco claras, y la justicia rara vez resuelve sus casos. Su esperanza de vida, según varios estudios, es de 35 años. Ser trans en esa parte del mundo significa, en demasiados casos, estar condenada a la violencia, la pobreza y la marginación. Las opciones de vida, numerosas veces, se han resumido en huir de sus países o quedarse y ser atacadas, discriminadas o asesinadas”. MÁS DE TRES MILLONES DE HONDUREÑAS CONDENADAS AL TRABAJO SIN SALARIO
El Libertador, 27 de septiembre de 2021
“La mujer rural ha sido olvidada por candidatos e instituciones de Estado, ahondando aún más la brecha de desempleo y desigualdad, más de 3.3 millones de mujeres ejercen trabajo no remunerado en actividades agrícolas o del hogar, de acuerdo con un estudio de Oxfam Honduras, Vía Campesina y el Consejo para el Desarrollo Integral de la Mujer Campesina”.Las masivas deportaciones que se esconden entre la oscuridad 
Radio Progreso, 27 de septiembre de 2021
“Con dolor agudo en el pecho y con más preguntas que respuestas, en su mayoría mujeres, bajan cargando a sus bebés de autobuses que la Secretaria de Gobernación en México, pone a disposición para el traslado de migrantes guatemaltecos y hondureños, como parte de los acuerdos migratorios firmados con Estados Unidos”. Nayib Bukele calls himself the ‘world’s coolest dictator’ – but is he joking?
Matt Youkee, The Guardian, September 26, 2021
“On Tuesday, speaking for the first time at the UN general assembly, he took a selfie on the podium and told the audience that “a couple of images on Instagram have a greater impact than any speech in this assembly.” Then he updated his ever-changing Twitter bio to “The coolest dictator in the world”. But increasing numbers of Salvadorans suspect a darker truth behind the trolling.” Ataques por inclusión del aborto y socialismo en propuesta de gobierno opacan campaña de Libre 
Allan Bu, Contra Corriente, 25 de septiembre de 2021
“Frente a cientos de simpatizantes y medios de comunicación presentes, la candidata de Libertad y Refundación (Libre), Xiomara Castro, prometió crear una nueva asamblea nacional constituyente, acabar con el patriarcado y no agregar más impuestos al pueblo de Honduras. En el discurso la candidata prometió también girar al país al socialismo democrático y que en su gobierno habría políticas de inclusión dirigidas a la diversidad sexual”. Naciones Unidas señala que participación de las mujeres en proceso electoral es apenas del 37%
Radio Progreso, 24 de septiembre de 2021
“Un análisis de la participación política de las mujeres en las elecciones, realizado por ONU Mujeres en Honduras, indica que la presencia de las mujeres en las planillas electorales es apenas del 37 por ciento. En ese sentido, Margarita Bueso, coordinadora de ONU Mujeres en Honduras, explicó que uno de los fenómenos que impide que se llegue a la equidad y la paridad es la violencia explícita o sutil hacia las mujeres”.Actions, Alerts, and ResourcesBiden Administration Move to Eliminate Requests for Reconsideration Would Endanger Asylum Seekers, Deport Them to Persecution and Torture 
Human Rights First, September 2021
“On August 20, 2021, the Biden administration published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on asylum processes that would eliminate the life-saving protection of asylum office requests for reconsideration of negative credible fear determinations, among other proposed changes. The proposed rule would eliminate a crucial asylum office safeguard to reconsider mistaken decisions regarding whether asylum seekers placed in expedited removal have a credible fear of persecution.”UN agencies call for protection measures and a comprehensive regional approach for Haitians on the move 
The UN Refugee Agency, September 30, 2021
“Haitians on the move in the Americas comprise people with different protection needs, profiles and motivations, including unaccompanied and separated children, victims of trafficking, and survivors of gender-based violence. Some may have well-founded grounds to request international refugee protection. Others may have other protection needs.” USA: Stop U.S. abuses against Haitian people
Amnesty International, September 23, 2021
“Thousands of Haitians are traveling to the US-Mexico border to seek asylum in the U.S., with many settling in camps after being denied entry. The US government is responding with human rights violations and violence, including deportations of thousands to Haiti. These deportations put Haitians at risk of violence, being unhoused, and even death as Haiti is in the midst of political, economic, and environmental crises.” * The Migration News Brief is a selection of relevant news articles, all of which do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the Latin America Working Group.