National Days of Action for Colombia

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Now is the time. April is here and it’s time forDays of Prayer and Action for Colombia. Every year, communities across the United States come together and join in solidarity with our Colombian brothers and sisters in an effort to show policy makers that we want real change in U.S.-Colombia policy.

With the Colombian government and the largest guerrilla group, the FARC, currently engaged in peace negotiations, there is renewed hope for an end to the war in Colombia. After five decades of unspeakable violence, forced displacements, widespread massacres, threats against unionists and human rights activists, and the economic and social exclusion of indigenous and Afro-descendant communities, we join Colombians in saying it’s time for peace.Colombian brothers and sisters in an effort to show policy makers that we want real change in U.S.-Colombia policy. 

Colombians deserve a chance for peace and our brothers and sisters are counting on all of us to join Days of Prayer and Action and sending the message: Now is the Time for Peace with Justice in Colombia!How can you get involved?

  • ADVOCATE – U.S. policy for the last decade has fueled this war. We have been working with our Colombian partners and you to change U.S. policy to make room for peace and now we have our chance to drive this message home and demand that our government support the foundation for a just peace. Sign our petition and tell President Obama that NOW is the time for peace with justice! 
  • CREATE — Organize a gathering with your family and friends and host a Now Is the Time for Peace with Justice craft night. Send messages of hope and support for peace by creating paper doves to symbolize the need for a just and lasting peace for all Colombians. Click here for instructions. 
  • DEMONSTRATE — Stage a rally or put up a Now Is the Time for Peace with Justice craft display in a central place. Send us an email and we’ll get in touch to brainstorm the best action for you to educate your whole community in a public event!
  • Host a screening of the documentary We Women Warriors in your community to learn about how Colombian indigenous women are assuming leadership roles as peace builders. Engage in discussion about women’s and indigenous rights, & conflict resolution. Click here for more information. 

A real chance for peace is a most welcome respite for Colombians and we must ensure our country stands on the right side of history. As our Colombian partners push for an open discussion that includes civil society participation and promotes justice for all the victims of the conflict, we must stand with our brothers and sisters and advocate for a U.S. policy that promotes an end to the conflict with a just and lasting peace that addresses the underlying human rights problems and the economic and social injustice that fueled the five- decade-long war.To get involved, check out our organizer packet or simply contact Omar at to plan how you can lend a helping hand at this critical moment.