New administration, new opportunities. We’re forging a new path

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Date: Jan 28, 2021

Authors: Lauri Alvarez, Daniella Burgi-Palomino

What a week. After four years of ruthless assaults on the rights of migrants and our asylum system, change is knocking on our door… and it feels GOOD. We worked tirelessly with you to halt deportations, advocate for permanent protections for Dreamers and TPSianos,  #EndMPP— and our hard work has finally paid off. In just one week the Biden Administration has enacted a 100 day pause of deportations, suspended the Remain in Mexico policy, and proposed a pathway to citizenship for DACA and TPS beneficiaries, and farmworkers. These are great first steps but we need more.

We need to fully restore our asylum system. The policy forcing asylum seekers to remain in Mexico may be suspended but asylum seekers are still stranded in dangerous cities in Mexico. Congress needs to act and pass permanent protections for DACA and TPS beneficiaries. Deportations from immigration jails are paused (even though a Texas judge is trying to stop this from happening!) but asylum seekers are still being forcibly expelled from the border and flown to their home countries under the Title 42 order since the pandemic. The lives of families, men, women, and children are hanging in the balance. Let’s call on President Biden to go beyond just restoring protections that the Trump Administration ended. Let’s fight for a truly humane system.


What You Can Do

We’re calling on President Biden to stop forcibly expelling asylum seekers at our border. To restore our asylum system we must humanely process those fleeing persecution. Sign our petition TODAY! 

After you sign, post on Twitter and Facebook something like:

  • SAMPLE TWEET: I just signed @LAWGACTION’s petition to @POTUS to stop forcibly expelling asylum seekers at our border fleeing violence and persecution. We must #WelcomeWithDignity and restore our asylum system. You can sign it too!


We know President Biden can do more to protect migrants and asylum seekers, now let’s hold him to it.