Now is the Time for Peace with Justice: Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia

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Now is the time. With spring just around the corner, it’s time we all start thinking about Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia. Every year, communities across the United States come together and join in solidarity with our Colombian brothers and sisters in an effort to show policymakers that now is the time for real change in U.S.-Colombia policy.


The stakes have never been higher.  Colombia is counting on all of us to join the Days of Prayer and Action this April 26-29. The time for peace and justice is now as Colombia is currently engaged in a peace process with the FARC, the oldest and largest guerilla group.

Discussions of peace and justice are a most welcome respite for Colombians, who for the past 50 years have been subjected to unspeakable violence, forced displacements, kidnapping, widespread massacres, threats against unionists and human rights activists, and the exclusion of indigenous and Afro-descendant communities.

As Colombians push for an open discussion that includes civil society participation and promotes justice for all the victims of the conflict, all of us can stand with our brothers and sisters and advocate for a U.S. policy that promotes an end to the conflict with a just and lasting peace that addresses the underlying human rights problems, economic and social injustice that fueled the five- decade-long war.

Our country must stand on the right side of history by supporting the rights of victims of violence, providing diplomatic support for the peace process and protecting those working for peace at this crucial moment. Now is the time that we can walk together towards peace and justice in Colombia.

Save the dates and join us in April to advocate for a just and lasting peace for all Colombians. Stay tuned for more updates and check out these web pages to stay up to date: