Now’s your chance to STAND WITH brave Indigenous leaders and rights activists in Guatemala!

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In Guatemala right now, Indigenous leaders and human rights activists, journalists, and honest judges and prosecutors are jailed with the intent to silence the voices of those who speak out against corruption. Every day, people struggle for justice, receive death threats, and are followed and intimidated by police or violently removed from their land. Corrupt elites in control of the government and the courts are forcing these courageous individuals to flee the country. Read more about the deterioration of the rule of law in Guatemala here

But now you can take a POWERFUL action to stand for justice and against corruption!

Photo Credit: Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA

What is Happening Now?

Yesterday, Representatives Norma Torres (D-CA), Albio Sires (D-NJ), Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, James P. McGovern (D-MA), and Joaquin Castro (D-TX) introduced the Restoring Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Guatemala resolution (H.Res 1481) in the House of Representatives. Read the full text of the resolution here

This strong resolution calls for:

  • suspending military aid to Guatemala 
  • ensuring U.S.-supported investment does not go to corrupt elites
  • Investigating and freezing financial assets of corrupt Guatemalan individuals in the U.S. banks; and 
  • commending and supporting courageous Guatemalans who are standing up for justice.

If we get MANY members of the House to cosponsor the resolution, it will send a powerful message to the Guatemalan government and corrupt business elites. It will also send a message to the U.S. State Department to show stronger diplomacy to stop the corrupt concentration of power in the country. 

What You Can Do?


We need you to pick up the phone and call the foreign policy aide of your member of the House of Representatives to ask their boss to cosponsor the Guatemala resolution (H.Res 1481). Find your representative here

It’s easy! 

  • Ask to speak to the office’s foreign policy aide.
  • Once connected, read (or adapt) the script below.
  • You might be asked to leave a message, if that happens, read the same script.

Sample script:

“My name is [FIRST AND LAST NAME] and I’m a constituent calling from [CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE]. Guatemala is plagued with a powerful and corrupt network of people who criminalizing honest judges, journalists, Indigenous peoples, and human rights activists. Many are forced to flee the country.  I’m calling you to urge Rep. [YOUR REP’S LAST NAME] to co-sponsor the Restoring Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Guatemala Resolution (H.Res 1481) just introduced by Representative Norma Torres and other members, urging the U.S. State Department to send a stronger message to those committing these crimes in Guatemala. By co-sponsoring, Rep. [YOUR REP’S LAST NAME] will help send a message that the United States does not support corruption and human rights abuses in Guatemala. Encouraging an end to this extreme corruption and abuse is one of the best steps that you can take to address the root causes of forced migration from Guatemala.

Can Representative [YOUR REP’S LAST NAME] support this Guatemala resolution (H.Res 1481)? I hope you will consider my request, and thank you for your time.”

We cannot sit here and be complicit as the Guatemalan corrupt elite destroy the country’s rule of law.

In solidarity, 

Ana from the LAWG Team — Ana, Lisa, and Yadira 

P.S. Forward this action alert to three friends so they can take action!

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