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Breaking the Silence: In Search of Colombia’s Disappeared
Far Worse than Watergate: Widening Scandal regarding Colombia’s Intelligence Agency Only available electronically. Click here to access both English and Spanish versions.
Waiting for Change: Trends in U.S. Security Assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean
Becoming Better Neighbors: Tales from Organizing for a Just U.S. Policy towards Latin America
A Compass for Colombia Policy
The Other Half of the Truth: Searching for Truth, Justice and Reparations for Colombia’s Victims of Paramilitary Violence

Ready, Aim, Foreign Policy
How the Pentagon’s role in foreign policy is growing and why Congress–and the American public–should be worried.


The Forgotten Border: Migration & Human Rights at Mexico’s Southern Border


Love, Loss and Longing: the Impact of U.S. Travel Policy on Cuban-American Families


Below the Radar
U.S. Military Programs with Latin America, 1997-2007


Retreat from Reason
U.S.-Cuban Academic Relations and the Bush Administration


Longing for Home
Return of Land to Colombia’s
Internally Displaced Population

Tarnished Image
Latin America Perceives the United States
Erasing the Lines
Trends in US Military and Training Programs to Latin America
Scapegoats of Juárez

Blueprint for a New Colombia Policy

September’s Shadow:
Post-9/11 U.S.-Latin American Relations
Blurring the Lines
Trends in U.S. Military and
Training Programs to Latin America
Going to Extremes
(Fumigation in Colombia):
Paint by Numbers
(US Military Aid to Latin America):
Wrong Road: Colombia’s National Security Policy
Troubling Patterns
(Mexican Military and the War on Drugs):
We Will Be Known by the Company We Keep: US-Latin American Relations Post 9/11


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