Call to Action on the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

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It’s go time. The Obama Administration has started moving forward with the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA). So we’re organizing immediate national actions to convince Obama and Congress that passing this FTA is wrong—and we need your help.

Join us on a National Conference Call this Monday, May 16th, at 8:30pm EST/ 5:30pm PST to learn what’s happening and what you can do!

With presentations from Citizens Trade Campaign local organizers, the Sierra Club, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, and LAWG, this call will connect you with activists across the country and give you the tools you need to launch a protest, talk with your member of Congress, or get your message into local media. Whether you have a lot or a little time to give, just sign up and listen in to this call. Afterwards we’ll do the work to get you in touch with organizers in your area.

Just click here to sign up for the simple call instructions!

We know that if this trade agreement is passed, it will impoverish small-scale farmers, expand economic projects that cause deforestation, fail to strongly protect labor rights, and devastate millions of Colombians already brutally affected by decades of war. But our legislators might not—or if they do know, they don’t think their constituents will care as much as the big business interests they’re trying to please. So that’s why we’re bringing together labor, environmental, and human rights activists like you to sound our message loud and clear: We won’t stand for this FTA!

Click here to get involved!

We have no time to waste in making our opposition heard. Administration officials have indicated that they would like to approve the FTA by this summer. If we have any chance of stopping them, we have to act now to make it clear that this is both a bad political and moral decision.

In Colombia, human rights defenders, Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities, trade unionists, millions of displaced people, struggling small-scale farmers, and many others are relying on us to protect them from the devastation this trade agreement would bring to their lives and their country. So, we hope you’ll get involved.

We look forward to talking with you on Monday and working throughout the summer to stop this free trade agreement!