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Sample posters from Days of Prayer and Action 2010     

Stand by Colombia’s Victims of Violence

Colombia has endured 50 years of war, in which victims and human rights defenders have been attacked for their non-violent efforts to find truth and achieve justice. More people have been violently forced to flee their homes than almost any other country in the world. Yet today, Colombia stands on the brink of peace. LAWG calls on the United States to fully support peace accord implementation and the rights of victims, so Colombians can live to see a just and lasting peace.

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End the Embargo on Cuba

For more than half a century the U.S. embargo on Cuba has been a failed and unjust policy that restricts American liberties and hurts Cuban families. Since President Obama’s historic announcement in December 2014, a new climate of diplomacy between our two nations has made way for great progress. But the fight isn’t over yet. Join us in advocating for a change in policy written into law.

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Promote Justice for Mexico and the Borderlands

Misguided U.S. policies towards Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico border region have led to thousands of deaths, impunity for human rights abuses, and a decline in security and respect for the rule of law. LAWG calls on the United States to abandon these failed policies in favor of an approach that emphasizes human rights and accountability in our relationship with Mexico and that ensures justice for the thousands of victims and their families.

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Advancing Human Rights in Central America

Violence and poverty is driving children, men and women to flee the Northern Triangle of Central America.  Corruption, impunity and harsh security strategies compound the problem and place the lives of human rights defenders in danger. LAWG calls on the United States to reform its immigration policies and ensure its aid and diplomacy support human rights and justice, rather than bring the military onto the streets.

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Monitoring U.S. Military Aid to
Latin America

For decades, the United States has trained, equipped, and armed Latin America’s militaries, with little serious oversight and public debate. We know, however, that military aid is not incidental to foreign policy nor to our image abroad. Military aid to abusive forces, for example, associates the United States with human rights abuses.

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Being Better Neighbors towards Latin America     

Being Better Neighbors towards
Latin America

LAWG believes we should be lending a helping hand to our Latin American neighbors, rather than making the focus of U.S. policy arming and training the region’s militaries. We should be building bridges, not walls. For more than 25 years, LAWG has opened doors for our Latin American partners, so that their voices can be heard in Washington. 

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